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Nov 02, 2017; by Briana McDonald, Staff Writer Silver Bulletin e-News Magazine ( Contact dermatitis will affect everyone at some point in their lifetime. When something irritates the skin that we have developed a sensitivity to, an itchy blistery rash can be the result. Repeated exposure to common household items such as make up, perfume, laundry detergent, medications, cleaners and even plants can produce an allergic reaction over time even if you haven’t been allergic to them before. Fortunately there are natural treatments for contact dermatitis that can speed up the healing process and provide relief. You can soothe irritated skin with Colloidal Silver and other natural remedies such as these.

Causes & Risk Factors for Contact Dermatitis 

This inflammatory skin condition can be caused by several factors:

  • Nickel and other metals: some coins, jewelry, snaps, zippers and buckles can cause a rash. Even a metal table, working on a laptop, talking on a cellphone, carrying keys or wearing eyeglasses can cause irritation.
  • Rubber and latex: found in balloons, gloves, mouse pads, condoms, goggles, and in the elastic lining in underwear. People who develop sensitivities to these things are usually people who work in fields that have over exposure such as doctors, rubber industry workers, and people with seasonal or food allergies.
  • Cosmetics: even expensive, name brand cosmetics contain chemicals and compounds that result in a rash. lipsticks, foundations, mascara, anti-aging creams and moisturizers and nail polish are all recognized for their potential to create contact dermatitis.
  • Grooming products: such as shampoo and conditioner, body wash, soap, shaving creams, hair dyes, styling products, etc. can cause a rash. Common ingredients known to do this include lanolin, sodium lauryl sulfate, formaldehyde, balsam of peru, parabens and artificial fragrances. (1)
  • Fabric detergents: some chemicals found in laundry detergents and fabric softeners as well as solvents used in dry cleaning and to clean leather can cause contact dermatitis
  • Household cleaners: window cleaners, dish soap, floor cleaners, bathroom cleaners, and grease removal products can cause skin rashes and irritation. Try using products that are free of toxic and harmful chemicals such as Seventh Generation.

Topical and Internal Remedies :

Colloidal Silver is mankind’s oldest natural antibiotic. It is all natural and completely safe for both children and adults. Not only is it safe but it’s inexpensive as well and can provide relief for not only skin irritations but a broad spectrum of ailments since it is not only an antibiotic but an antiviral and anti-fungal as well. In fact almost 70% of hospitals use Colloidal Silver in creams to treat burn victims in order to prevent infections in patients and dramatically speed up the healing time as Silver also helps repair damaged tissue. To use Colloidal Silver to treat a rash you can purchase a Pump Spray Cap for the 8 oz bottle and spray it directly on the rash or you can combine the Colloidal Silver with a non toxic, perfume free lotion or cream to apply to the rash.

Option 1: 

Clean your rash with warm water and a gentle soap. Pat dry the area completely then spray the Colloidal Silver onto the rash and let the solution sit for about 5 minutes. Do this three to five times per day.

Option 2: 

Combine 2 teaspoons of Colloidal Silver with 1 tablespoon of a lotion or cream of your choice that is free of fragrances or irritants. Add in some fresh aloe vera gel from a plant (keeping an aloe vera plant in your backyard is one of the best weapons you can have around your house!) which will provide additional relief and improve healing time, approximately 1 teaspoon. Apply the cream onto the affected area after it has been cleaned two to three times per day. Massage it into the rash until it is completely absorbed. (2)

Be sure to wash your hands well afterward to prevent any further spreading of the rash.

The same amounts can be used for children as for adults.

Coconut Oil 

A new study published in the International Journal of Dermatology confirms the healing properties of virgin coconut oil in treating dermatitis. Researchers at the Department of Dermatology compared the effects of topical virgin coconut oil to mineral oil, a crude oil derivative, in a randomized doubled blind clinical trial.

Patients with dermatitis have inflamed skin with defects in the epidermal barrier function related to inflammation and dehydration which can be very uncomfortable and often unbearable to live with. Most people reach for mass market skin care products to treat this stubborn issue to provide relief but unfortunately these skin care products contain mineral oil and related petrochemical ingredients which may make the skin irritation worse.

The results of the study showed that patients who used coconut oil to treat the inflamed rashes experienced superior results compared to the mineral oil group.

  • “In the virgin coconut oil group, 47% (28/59) of patients achieved moderate improvement and 46% (27/59) showed an excellent response.
  • In the mineral oil group, 34% (20/58) of patients showed moderate improvement and 19% (11/58) achieved excellent improvement.
  • The virgin coconut oil group achieved a post-treatment mean transepidermal water loss of 7.09 from a baseline mean of 26.68, whereas the mineral oil group demonstrated baseline and post treatment TEWL values of 24.12 and 13.55.
  • In the virgin coconut oil group, post treatment skin capacitance (indication of the water content of the outermost layer of the skin) rose to 42.3 from the baseline mean of 32.0, whereas that in the mineral oil group increased to 37.49 from a baseline mean of 31.31.”

Researchers concluded:

“Thus, among pediatric patents with mild to moderate dermatitis, topical application of virgin coconut oil for 8 weeks was superior to that of mineral oil based on clinical and instrumental assessments.” (3) 


Keep you immune system boosted and keep allergies in check by taking a high quality probiotic supplement and increasing your intake of probiotic rich foods. Research has proven that women who take probiotics during pregnancy can protect children against dermatitis in the futrue while boosting immune system response and helping control allergies. (4)

Liposomal Vitamin C 

Dr. Suzanne Humphries states, “Without Vitamin C, the immune system is paralyzed and unable to regenerate the ability to dissolve disease-causing elements in the body.”(5) When you take in high doses of the Vitamin C through liposomes, the ultra sonic molecular encapsulation of Vitamin C, according to Dr. Thomas Levy; “Liposomes predominately get taken up by the lymphatic system in the gutthe liposomes, especially in the case of those containing Vitamin C, rapidly load up the immune cells in the lymphatics of the gut, achieving high intracellular levels of this nutrient.” (6) 



Briana McDonald, Staff Writer- Silver Bulletin e-News magazine

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