Some of the Biggest Misinformation and Misconceptions About the Mineral Silver

December 28, 2018; by Ben Taylor ( I have used colloidal silver and silver solutions for probably three decades and have been in the production design and sales of Colloidal Silver and Ionic Silver for two decades or so. Sadly, I have found that there is much colloidal silver misinformation, misconceptions and often even intentional disinformation for marketing purposes within the “colloidal silver” community and industry. Much of it is based on falsely making it appear that a particular manufacturer or producer has a superior ‘silver’ product to which no one else has access because their process is so unique and special. In very few cases, there may be some element of truth, but most of what is sold as “colloidal silver” is not actually colloidal silver. It is often either ionic silver or chemically made silver in a gelatin water base. These two make up the vast majority of so-called “colloidal silver” product sales. In this series of articles, I will present my opinions and address some of the biggest misinformation and misconceptions about Colloidal Silver.

Definitions of Colloid, Solution, and Suspension:

“Colloidal Silver” products are colloids in chemistry is defined as a system in which finely divided silver metallic “particles” (not ions) are dispersed within a continuous water medium in a manner that prevents the silver particles from being filtered easily or settled rapidly. Colloids are heterogeneous (varying in particle sizes) dispersions of large molecules or aggregates of particles, generally between <1 and 1000nm in diameter. These “dispersions” do not separate and/or settle on standing (unless by external forces) and cannot be separated by filtration. One of the primary identifiers is that they scatter/reflect light thereby showing a Tyndall effect and color, depending on the concentration of interspersed particles and molecules.

“Ionic Silver” solutions are not made up of solid metallic particles, but of “dissolved solids”, primarily of silver ions, atoms and/or molecules. (Ions are atoms or molecules that have a non-zero net electrical charge.) So by definition they cannot be colloids; rather they are homogeneous (uniform) solutions comprised of atoms, ions, and/or molecules generally between .01-1 nm in diameter. As with a colloid, a solution does not separate on standing and cannot be separated by filtration. You can know that it is ionic, because it will be virtually clear and since ions do not scatter/reflect light, they show no color.

“Chemical Silver” suspensions are usually made with silver nitrate particles mixed in gelatinous water to keep the  large particles from settling out. These large particles and aggregates are heterogeneous (varying in size) and are almost always larger than 1 micron (1000 nm). These chemically produced silver suspensions are easily filtered and will always settle out unless combined in a gelatinous base. Animal gelatins are most common, but sometimes vegetable gelatins also may be used. Like colloids, these chemical suspensions may scatter/reflect light, but can also be opaque.  Again, by the very definition of colloidal, chemical silver cannot be a colloid, because it cannot stay dispersed (by Brownian Motion) in a liquid by its’ own existence without artificial help (gelatin).

If the silver particles are small enough to stay dispersed without artificial means (such as by using animal gelatin), then the product is probably a true “colloid silver”.  This article is not meant to make what would be a “false claim” that only true Colloidal Silver is effective. All three of these “kinds” of Silver Products, whether a Colloid, a Solution, or a Suspension can be very effective if properly used.


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