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April 16, 2021


Vitamins and Minerals For Lowering Disease Risk

Taking Bone Meds? They Increase Your Risk of This Type of Fracture

Zero Deaths From Health Supplements

My Expulsion From Medical Practice

Omega 3 Reduces Heart Risks

Natural Healing vs. Symptom Management

Coffee Boosts Survival in Colorectal Patients

Best Kept Secrets to Prevent, Halt, or Even Reverse Macular Degeneration

Too Much Sugar Linked To Aggression, ADHD, & Bipolar Disorder

Why Are There Fewer Nutrients In Our Food?

Researchers Discover Why Gum Disease Causes Heart Disease

FDA Documents Reveal DEATH + 21 Serious Health Conditions

John Hopkins Researcher: No Excess Deaths from COVID-19

Vitamin C Cuts Virus Deaths by Two-Thirds-But Nothing New

Gratitude is Good for the Heart and Soul
After Decades of Ignoring the Science, FDA Finally Issues Amalgam Warning

Wikipedia’s Bias Against Natural Medicine

Why Eating Two Apples a Day Will Keep The Doctor Away

Is Hydrogen Peroxide Effective in Killing Viruses?

How Can I Heal Thee? Let Me Count The Ways, Part 3

How Can I Heal Thee? Let Me Count The Ways, Part 2

How Can I Cure Thee? Let Me Count The Ways Part 1

Healthy People Should Not Wear Face Masks

Vitamin C for Fighting and Healing Colds and Viruses

Cell Phone-Induced Bodily Harm: How The Bees Can Help

Five Top Anxiety-Relieving Foods

Silver’s Use for Many Antiseptic and Purification Applications is Growing

Silver Studies Source References From The National Institute of Health Website

Vitamin C: Not a Vaccine; Just a Humble Immune Booster

Vitamin D Supplements Could Reduce Risk of Flu Infection and Death

Rationale for Vitamin C Treatment of  Viruses


Too Much Calcium and Not Enough Magnesium: The Silent Killer

How Concerned Should We Be About Any Virus Becoming a World Wide Pandemic?

Mainstream Medicine and The Fake Media Do Not Report This Fact

Vitamin C Our Best Natural Protection From Disease

Too Much Screen Time Harms Brain Development

No Shortage of Research About the Miraculous Mineral Silver

Silver Catheters in Preventing UTIs and Saving Lives

Magnesium and Taurine-Your Heart Cannot Live Without Them

Internet Trolls- Government Agents According to Leaked Documents

Orthomolecular Healthcare: Nutrition Based Healing of the Body   

There Are Scientific Reasons Why Silver Kills Pathogens It Is Not Magic

Scientific Research and Clinical Studies on the Effectiveness of the Mineral Silver Are Numerous

Why The Walnut Resembles the Brain It Nourishes

CPS Can Do Good, But They Can Also Be A Danger To Home and Family

Why Vitamin C Fights Cancer so Well

The Vaccinated Spreading Measles: WHO, Merck, CDC Documents Confirm

7 Simple Ways to Unclog Your Arteries Naturally

The Dishonest Persecution of Dr Andrew Wakefield

Opioid Overdose Epidemic Sweeps U.S.

Ben Taylor:

Misinformation and Misconceptions About the Noble Mineral Silver (Part 2)

Misinformation and Misconceptions About the Noble Mineral Silver (Part 1)

Briana McDonald:

Taking Care of Your Dogs With Colloidal Silver

You Too Can Naturally Reduce Your Chances of Suffering With UTIs

Heal Ear Aches and Infections Naturally With Far Less Side Effects

Reduce Shingles Healing Time With Colloidal Silver

The Tattoo Generation and the Lurking Toxicity to Our Health

Colloidal Silver Research and Clinical Studies Are Numerous and Well Documented

Paul Fassa: 

Use Natures Best Germ Killing Mineral Safely and Effectively

Why Is Natural Healing Called Alternative?

“NASA Approves Colloidal Silver For Space Station”
& “Colloidal Silver-Not A Toxic Heavy Metal”

“Quackbusters and the Shock Troops of Medical McCarthyism”


Free Access to Nutrition Therapy Videos

8 Proven Ways To Relieve Asthma Naturally

A Wonderful Method For Comforting Your Infant

So Where Are The Bodies This Year? Supplements ARE SAFER than Drugs!

OTC Painkillers Damage the brains of Children Research Reveals

 Coconut Oil Beats Toxic DEET at Repelling Insects

Skip Meals To Live Longer And Lose Weight


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