Scientific Research and Clinical Studies on the Effectiveness of the Mineral Silver Are Numerous

July 17, 2018; by Briana McDonald, (Silver Bulletin e-News Magazine Reprint) Whenever I tell people who have never heard about the mineral silver all of the many wonderful things it helps with I always get this same look of disbelief and so common the question, “Then why haven’t I heard of it by now if it’s so great?” Then the proceeding statement, “Show me the research.” For the skeptics who demand more, the scientific research and clinical studies on the effectiveness of the mineral silver are numerous. Here is some Colloidal Silver research and clinical studies supporting what anecdotal experience has already proven about the mineral silver.

  1. Anti-tumor activity of colloidal silver on MCF-7 human breast cancer cells:  

A 2009 Study to determine if colloidal silver had cytotoxic effects on MCF-7 breast cancer cells and its mechanism of cell death showed impressive results. MCF-7 breast cancer cells were treated with colloidal silver (ranged from 1.75 to 17.5 ng/mL) for 5 h at 37°C and 5% CO2 atmosphere. Cell Viability was evaluated by trypan blue exclusion method and the mechanism of cell death through detection of mono-oligonucleosomes using an ELISA kit and TUNEL assay. The production of NO, LDH, and Gpx, SOD, CAT, and Total antioxidant activities were evaluated by colorimetric assays.

The results showed that Colloidal silver had dose-dependent cytotoxic effect in MCF-7 breast cancer cells through induction of apoptosis, shown an LD50 (3.5 ng/mL) and LD100 (14 ng/mL) (*P<0.05), significantly decreased LDH (*P<0.05) and significantly increased SOD (*P<0.05) activities. However, the NO production, and Gpx, CAT, and Total antioxidant activities were not affected in MCF-7 breast cancer cells. PBMC were not altered by colloidal silver.

The researchers concluded that colloidal silver might be a potential alternative agent for human breast cancer therapy. ” (1)


  1. Colloidal Silver Controls Antibiotic- Resistant Superbugs: 

While employed at UCLA Medical School in the 80’s, Larry C. Ford, MD. documented over 650 different disease causing pathogens that were destroyed in minutes when exposed to small amounts of silver. (2) Colloidal Silver does not create resistance or immunity in the organisms that are killed by it which can not be overemphasized. The Centers or Disease Control and Prevention recently reported that more than 2 million people in the United States suffer illnesses every year as a result of antibiotic resistant infections and over 20 thousand die from these infections. (3)

  1. Colloidal Silver is a potent Anti-Viral: 

Colloidal Silver is not only an antibacterial but also an antiviral and can help people in the treatment of HIV/AIDS, pneumonia, herpes, shingles, and warts. Dr. Martin Hum from the Institute for Optimum Nutrition lists Colloidal Silver as one of the natural remedies to stop viruses fast. Colloidal Silver suffocates the virus and reduces the activity of the HIV virus in AIDS patients. There are also numerous accounts of silver helping those treat the hepatitis C virus. (4)

  1. Colloidal Silver Keeps Inflammation Levels Down: 

Researchers at the National Institute of Health studies the effects of inflammation after a treatment of colloidal silver and found that the inflamed skin of pigs treated with silver experienced near normal skin after seventy two hours while other treatment groups not treated with silver remained inflamed. (5)

  1. Colloidal Silver Has Been Shown to Help With Sinus Infections:

According to a study published in the International Forum for Allergy and Rhino-logy last year, Colloidal Silver also benefits people as a nasal spray. The aim of the study was to determine whether colloidal silver had any direct bactericidal effects on Staphylococcus aureus biofilms in vitro. S. aureus biofilms were grown from the ATCC 25923 reference strain on Minimum Biofilm Eradication Concentration (MBEC) device pegs, and treated with colloidal silver. Concentrations tested ranged from 10 to 150 μL colloidal silver diluted to 200 μL with sterile water in 50 μL cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) broth. Control pegs were exposed to equivalent volumes of CSF broth and sterile water. The sample size was 4 biomass values per treatment or control group. Confocal scanning laser microscopy and COMSTAT software were used to quantify biofilms 24 hours after treatment.  The results showed significant differences from control were found for all concentrations. The reduction in biomass was 98.9% and a maximum biomass reduction of 99.8% was reached with use of Colloidal Silver. The study concluded that “Colloidal Silver directly attenuates in vitro S. aures biofilms. (6)

  1. Colloidal Silver Prevents and Treats the Flu and the Common Cold: 

A 2011 study from the National Institute of Health took 100 children under the age of 12 experiencing symptoms from the common cold and nasal congestion and assigned them into two separate groups. The first was treated with a solution of colloidal silver and beta glucan and the second was treated with a saline solution. Even though both groups benefited from the treatment, 90% of the people in the Colloidal Silver group completely recovered. (7)

There is much more colloidal silver research and clinical studies than I could squeeze into one easy to read article. For more information please look into some of the below references.

Colloidal Silver Research & Clinical Studies

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