Routine Doctor Visit Turned Into A Near Hostage Situation

Dec. 04, 2017; by Dana A., (Natural Almost 10 years ago when my children were toddlers I took my oldest daughter who was four to Matthews Children’s Clinic in Matthews, NC for strep throat.

We had just moved to NC and I had only been to this office a few times and saw a male doctor. I believe it was on a Monday when I took my oldest in. Then about three days later my youngest daughter also came down with it. The male doctor was not available and I didn’t think it was a big deal to see a different doctor because it was to me a clear case of strep.

I had stopped vaccinating my children because of a reaction my oldest had to them prior to my move to NC and the male doctor never asked nor suggested vaccines.

The female doctor came into the exam room and asked why we were there. I told her strep and about how my oldest was just in the other day. Upon taking the throat swab she asked if I wanted to get my daughter up to date on her vaccines. I replied “not today”. That was the end of the discussion… so I thought. The doctor left the room with the swab.

Shortly after she returned with a full needle in hand… READY TO INJECT!! Open, tip not covered and full. She came into the room, shut the door, spread out in front of it BLOCKING it, and said “she’s not leaving until she’s up to date”.

Can you imagine!! Panic and fear. I was shocked and terrified. I looked at my daughter who was sitting on the table playing and was trying to form some thoughts in my mind on what to do and not freak her out even though I was freaking out. I couldn’t think at first. I was blindsided and unprepared.

Thank the Angels for knocking me out of it. I grabbed my phone that was sitting there and said “if you don’t let us pass I’m calling the police”.

She looked at me, huffed, turned and stormed out of the room slamming the door on her way out.

I grabbed my daughter and went to the front desk where they were already waiting to check me out. I was young and scared. I was also ashamed that we were not vaccinating back then I didn’t know anyone who wasn’t and had no support. So I thought I was alone and even though I knew I was doing the right thing for my kids I still felt ashamed by society and now this doctor. I just paid the co-pay and left.

My daughter was NOT treated for strep either. No prescription or anything. I was left humiliated and with a sick kid.

The very next day I received a letter in the mail that I had been kicked out of the practice. That fast. That is the day I became my families healer. I have never looked back. My kids have never been to a pediatrician nor western medical doctor since.

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Dana A. Victim of modern medicine. Forced into becoming a natural healer for my children and family due to negligence of doctors. Activist for Informed Consent.

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