Researchers Consider the Gut Microbiome as a Vital Separate Organ

May 29, 2017; Tony Isaacs (Silver Bulletin e-News Magazine) <–CONTINUED FROM-New Discoveries Shed Light on Our Brain in the Gut: Researchers Consider the Gut Microbiome as a Vital Separate Organ: The microbiome of the gut is comprised of estimates beyond a trillion cells. Yet our human small intestines are strict with what types of bacteria it hosts. The diversity of bacterial life throughout the planet is extremely extensive.

Gut Brain

But there a just two divisions of bacteria types in human adult microbiota, each with its own variety. There is also one member of a microbe type similar but to but not actually considered bacteria. Apparently the gut is selective with its neighborhood residents.

Not only is the gut microbiome involved with absorbing nutrients, it is heavily involved with 70 percent or more of our immune system. Its microbiota is able to minimize pathogenic microbes and keep them from colonizing if the microbiome is not disturbed from outside influences.

A healthy gut microbiome contributes to hormonal production and balance. Disruptions in gut microbial harmony can create bad moods as a second brain malfunction. Although its known that stress is a disruptive factor for gut microbiome harmony, a gut microbiotic imbalance can even create stress.

Unfortunately, there’s a lot in our modern lifestyle that contributes to disrupting the gut microbiome. In addition to pollution and toxic chemicals, there are so many unhealthy processed foods, fresh whole foods contaminated with toxic herbicides and pesticides.

In addition to being carriers of the most toxic agrochemicals, GMO foods provide genetic viruses that influence the DNA in plant cells. Originally researchers assumed our gastrointestinal tracts would eliminate these viral switches. But they actually remain in the animal and human intestines to create havoc in our microbiomes.

Then there are antibiotics. Pharmaceutical antibiotics do not discriminate. They leave a lot of collateral damage in their pursuit of pathogens, creating large losses of friendly bacteria that disrupt the immune system, leading to further infections and diseases over the long term. Any antibiotic use demands extra consumption of probiotic foods and supplements.

This vast complex subject can be simplified: New Discoveries Shed Light on Our Brain in the Gut. If you want to be healthy and happy for the rest of your life, stress less, eat healthy whole non-GMO foods, use natural anti-microbials such as colloidal silver, and nourish your friendly gut bacteria with probiotic foods and supplements.

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