Real Questions & Answers About Colloidal Silver & Epstein-Barr

Real Question:
Subject: Colloidal Silver
Do I mix your Colloidal Silver with a bit of water to take internal, or do I just swallow the recommended dosage by itself?
Thanks, Charles M.

Real Answer:

Hi Charles,
Always take it full strength. Diluting with any other liquid will only dilute the effectiveness. Read these articles: and
Ben in Utopia

Real Question:

Subject: Epstein-Barr
I thought I had read on your site about silver being used to treat EB
in days gone by.  But now can’t find anything.  Please advise. Douglas L.

Real Answer:

Hi Douglas,
Silver can be effective in the healing of any microbe caused illness. Silver kills one-celled organisms on contact. I would also suggest Liposomal Vitamin C. Liposomal C is the potent and oral consumption can be equivalent to taking Vitamin C Intravenously.

You may also want to consider various elements of the Immune Booster Protocol, including the pH Protocol,
Ben in Utopia


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