Re-Vamp Your Skin Care Routine with Silver Aloe Gel

May 7, 2018; by Briana McDonald- Staff Writer ( Both Aloe Vera Gel and Colloidal Silver have been known for their amazing ability to heal stubborn skin issues and regenerate the growth of new healthy skin cells. If you’re skin care routine isn’t providing the results you want it’s time to re-vamp your skin care routine with Silver Aloe Gel.

Combining these two powerful forces of nature is the golden ticket for creating that radiant glow you carried in your youth. Like most things in nature, they work better together. While one is great on it’s own, combining them is like having the worlds greatest age fighting super heroes kicking serious butt on free radical scavengers that lead to aging.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera has been used since the dawn of time and is dubbed by the Egyptians as the “plant of immortality.” The leaves secrete a clear gel that can be applied topically to heal wounds and soothe irritated skin. Many studies have shown the benefits of this plant and not only does it help treat a variety of skin conditions it is also helpful in treating wounds and burns, minor skin infections, cysts, diabetes, and elevated blood lipids in humans.

If that’s not enough it also:

  • treats acne
  • moisturizes the skin
  • heals stretch marks
  • soothes sunburns
  • fights aging
  • nutrient rich for overall health
  • aids in digestion and relieves ulcers (1)

Colloidal Silver

Robert O. Becker, MD, among many others states that colloidal silver stimulates healing in the skin and other soft tissues. A research article by Pharmacology Communications in 2012 specifically recommended that silver preparations should be used topically to treat burns, thrush, periodontists and other conditions. (2)

Silver helps to treat more stubborn skin issues such as psoriasis and eczema as well. It is extremely soothing to scrapes and helps to repair tissue damage from burns of varying degrees. Most hospitals throughout the country also use silver-based nanogels and bandages for dressing burn victims. They apply a silver coating to a specialized foam as part of a wound vacuum system which provides antibacterial activity in vitro. This technology helps to assist the treatment of wounds for skin grafting which will lead to faster healing.

Ready to Re-Vamp Your Skin Care Routine with Silver Aloe Gel?

Now that you know just how powerful these forces are on their own, you should try them together! Utopia Silver’s Silver Aloe Gel is my all time favorite and has improved the health of my skin ten fold since I started using it daily. It is made with Colloidal Silver and 15X Organic Aloe Vera Concentrate with Texas Juniper Essential Oil. This provides the germ killing power of Colloidal Silver, the healing properties of Organic Aloe Vera, and the antibacterial properties of Texas Juniper Oil and Lavender Oil.

With using this silver aloe gel consistently, you will have amazing success with diminishing fine lines and wrinkles. This is because it is rich in vitamins C and E and beta carotene (a per-cursor to vitamin A). Its anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties and its ability to lighten blemishes also help to take years off your face.

Furthermore, Aloe Vera can be taken in supplement form to fight aging, with some research finding that it increases the body’s production of collagen and improves skin elasticity in just 90 days. (3) Pretty amazing right?



Briana MacDonald- Natural Health Writer

Briana McDonald-natural health writer is a Staff Writer of the Silver Bulletin e-News Magazine (Utopia Silver Supplements). She does website ad designing for the company as well as free-lance health article writing.






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