Putting the Measles Mania into the Proper Perspective

February 27, 2015

by Tony Isaacs, Natural Health Advocate

(UtopiaSilver.com) As of the writing of this article we have had 155 cases of measles in the United States out of a total population of 320 million people, so naturally it is time to panic and mandate vaccinations for one and all! Yes folks, the next great health scare is here and the mainstream media and public officials left and right are awash with hysteria over the so-called “measles outbreak”. Now folks, let’s try putting the measles mania into the proper perspective.

Everywhere you look you find such hysteria and strident condemnations of parents who choose not to vaccinate. Public figures and talking heads on both the left and the right are calling loudly for such measures as mandatory vaccinations nationwide and prohibitions against unvaccinated students attending schools. One would think that we are facing a danger as bad as or worse than the most recent great scare – Ebola.

Before you fall prey to such hype and hysteria it is time to put measles mania in perspective.

Measles by the Numbers

First of all, unlike Ebola – which can have a fatality rate as high as 50 per cent or more – measles have steadily become less virulent and today only about 1 in 1000 measles infections results in death. That means that the present “outbreak” would have to grow over 6 times as large before the odds are that there would be a single death.

About 155 cases of measles nationwide in a population of 320 Million people works out to odds of less than 1 in 2 million of catching measles. Of course those odds would be higher in areas where measles are present, but still very long odds and the odds would be virtually zero where there are no measles.

Do you really want to subject your child or yourself to the neurotoxins, mutagens, live viruses and other vile ingredients in vaccines for a less than 1 in 2 Million chance of exposure? Because the undeniable fact is that vaccines are dangerous. They can cause permanent damage and they can be fatal.

The Dangers of the Measles Vaccines and Other Vaccines

Pro-vaxxers, as vaccine proponents are often called, like to point out that the idea that measles vaccines cause autism has been debunked – regardless of evidence and Vaccine Court payouts to the contrary. Whether there is a link between measles vaccines and autism or not, getting caught up in that argument can be a trap for the “anti-vaxxers” because it diverts attention from the very real dangers of measles vaccines and other vaccines.

It is indisputable that vaccinations can harm you in many ways besides autism. That is why the government’s vaccine compensation program has paid out about 3 Billion dollars to vaccine victims, despite all the obstacles designed into the program to hinder filing claims and getting paid. And, as mentioned above, vaccines can indeed be fatal. Take the measles vaccine for example: During the past 10 years, there have been 108 deaths attributed to the vaccine and likely many more that were falsely attributed to other causes. A search for measles deaths during that same time period turns up only 4 deaths attributed to measles.

Like virtually all vaccines, the measles vaccination is less than 100% effective – as evidenced by the fact that some of the measles cases are occurring in vaccinated children. There is another unpleasant truth about the measles vaccine which medicine does not want you to know: vaccinated children can spread measles – as shown by documents from the CDC, the WHO and Merck Pharmaceuticals,

The Truth about Vaccinations Role in Reducing Disease

Mainstream medicine and the vaccine makers have claimed much credit for eradicating and reducing infectious diseases; however, the truth is that vaccines did not save us from those diseases. Every single disease that vaccines have been credited with stopping or reducing was already declining precipitously before the vaccines were introduced.

All one has to do to verify the overblown credit taken by vaccines is to simply look at the timelines and charts for infectious disease data. What they clearly show is that the trends for all infectious diseases were heading towards zero or very few infections prior to the introduction of the vaccines for those diseases. And here is what should be the clincher: Three diseases which were on a similar decline to measles and other vaccinated diseases in the U.S. and the UK have also largely disappeared despite never having had a vaccination developed for them. Those three diseases are: scurvy, typhoid fever and scarlet fever.

It was not medicine, but rather improved sanitation and nutrition which were most responsible for the reduction in infectious diseases. In other words, what reduced diseases were such things as indoor plumbing and toilets, hot water and sterilization, regular baths and hand washing and better access to healthy food. (Sadly, our foods have become less healthy over the past few decades due to Big Food adulterating our foods with harmful additives and processing out much of the nutrition). That is why we see so much disease today in under-developed countries which have poor sanitation, including open latrines and lack of potable water, and poor nutrition.

The Real Reasons Behind the Measles Scare

In case you wonder about the real reasons behind the measles hype and hysteria, consider this: Vaccines have become a huge cash cow for mainstream medicine – and nothing boosts vaccine sales like a good scare now and then. Like the Ebola scare for example. But there was not enough time to develop, produce and distribute vaccines to capitalize on Ebola (but a word of warning: don’t count another Ebola scare out at a future date once the vaccines have been developed and mass produced!).

More often than not, the vaccine makers can count on a good flu scare to boost sales – but this year’s annual flu scare pretty much fizzled out after this year’s flu vaccines themselves fizzled. Flu vaccines are always a guessing game where vaccine makers try to figure out which flu strain will be most prevalent. This year they guessed wrong and the CDC was forced to admit that this year’s vaccines were only about 28% effective. The CDC, which never saw a vaccine they didn’t like, still lamely recommended getting flu vaccinations anyway, but the damage to flu vaccine sales had been done.

So, what is the poor multi-billion dollar vaccine industry to do without a good scare to boost sales this year? Lo and behold, just in the nick of time along came “measles mania”. My, what a coincidence!

The Good News about Preventing and Treating Measles

Even if measles does become more widely spread, there are natural and very ways to prepare for and treat measles. The same things which caused the decline of diseases in the past are still good ones today. In addition to avoiding contact with people who have measles, practice good sanitation and eat as healthily as you can (and that means eating organic, nutrient dense foods). Since it is literally impossible to get optimal nutrition from diet alone in today’s world of mineral depleted soils and nutrient depleted processed foods, one should also take a good all around whole food derived organic supplement which supplies all of the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients needed for optimal health. This author has found none better than IntraMax for adults and IntraKid for children.

Here is the really good news: Should you or your children actually come down with measles, there is a safe, effective solution to overcoming measles and adapting to measles symptoms: Daily doses of vitamin A. Research has proven that children with low vitamin A levels are more likely to get measles, more likely to get a worse case and more likely to suffer an increased rate of side effects and death. Vitamin A supplementation, such as daily doses of cod liver oil, greatly reduces mortality as well as severe measles symptoms and side effects.

Don’t simply wait until you get measles to take vitamin A, begin taking it and giving it to your child now to boost their natural immunity. Note that good natural sources of vitamin A include cod, wild halibut, krill, salmon liver oil, carrots, spinach and celery.

Other items to consider for combating measles are the super pathogen destroyer colloidal silver and digestive enzymes (which strip the head off viruses and keep them from multiplying. If you get measles, take copious amounts of both in addition to vitamin A,

Although written with the swine flu in mind, these two articles by MD and Naturopathic Doctor Ken O’Neal have some very good information that can also be applied to measles and the measles vaccination:

“Dr. Ken’s Immune System Booster Protocol for the H1N1 Swine & Avian Influenzas”


“What Would I Do If Forced To Be Vaccinated Against My Consent?”


The Most Important Argument Against Mandatory Vaccinations

Last but not least there is this argument against forced vaccinations: The government does not have the right to force us to take vaccines or any other medications. This author’s good friend and health figure Donna Voetee (AKA Granny Goodfood) put it this way:

“It doesn’t matter if vaccines cured wrinkles, obesity, hemorrhoids, and flatulence and conferred a 100 year life span. Government has no authority to mandate them. I’ve said the same thing about fluoride for years. It’s not how much is safe; we lose the argument once we concede that government has the right to put ANY amount in our water. We lose the vaccine argument when we agree that we can get a “waiver.” This means that we have agreed that government has the primary right to mandate an alleged medicine into our bodies, and we can only appeal to be exempted. By virtue of UNALIENABLE rights, our bodies are not subject to medication by mandate. I think the anti-vaccine community needs to argue the issue correctly, from the standpoint of liberty, or all will be lost.”

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