Inflammation and Chelation Protocol

by Ben Taylor, with Research and Information provided by Dr. Ken O’Neal, MD, ND( This Inflammation and Chelation Protocol uses Enzymes and/or Vitamin C, two of the most effective supplements available for the temporary relief of inflammation and as effective chelators. Anti-inflammation protocols are some of the most beneficial and economical healing therapies available, as almost all health issues create inflammatory responses in the body. This is not to say that removing inflammation is going to prevent or cure the underlying health issue, because it usually will not. It is absolutely essential to remove whatever is triggering the health issue and hence the inflammation, but the inflammation itself can also exacerbate the underlying illness and even trigger its own parallel set of health issues. Although either Enzymes or Vitamin C can be used very effectively to reduce inflammation and chelate toxins from the system,  they can also be used in tandem and with all other protocols.There are generally three uses of enzymes as listed below.









Digestive Enzyme Protocol is when 1-3 enzyme tablets are taken with meals or supplements. Taking one each time you take your supplements will enhance the absorption efficiency, reducing how much you need to take.

  1. Aids in proper food digestion, maximizing your nutrient intake.
  2. Enhances the absorption of other supplements, reducing supplement waste and saving money.
    Systemic Enzyme Maintenance Protocol is when 5-10 enzyme tablets are taken in the morning and at night on an empty stomach. Take at least 1 hour before and/or 1 hour after meals to maximize effectiveness, otherwise it will be used up in digestion.
  3. Acts as a potent chelator by reducing the plaque buildup in the arteries, tissue, and joints.
  4. Reduces inflammation in the tissue and arteries and improves circulation.
  5. Promotes healing of healthy tissue by reducing the formation of fibrin/scar tissue.

Systemic Enzyme Therapeutic Protocol is when 3-5 enzymes tablets are taken each hour for 6-10 hours. Take at least 1 hour before and/or 1 hour after meals to maximize effectiveness.

  1. This greatly accelerates the actions listed above, especially when you are either catching or experiencing an illness of almost any kind.
  2. Enzymes also have the ability to compromise the capsid, which is the protein shell around a virus so that its effectiveness is reduced or destroyed. (Note: Enzyme use to destroy this protein shell may very well enhance the effectiveness of colloidal silver by allowing the silver to penetrate to the nucleus of the virus quicker.)
  3. Can be used once a month as a therapeutic protocol replacing the Maintenance Protocol. Always test and evaluate your body’s reaction for an hour or two before continuing.

Vitamin C Healing Protocol- For therapeutic healing purposes, take 1000 mg of Vitamin C every hour for 6-12 hours. This may be repeated for 2-4 days as needed. I personally have taken 1000 mg every ½ hour with even quicker results.

  1. Acts as a natural antihistamine.
  2. Acts to boost the immune system.
  3. Acts also as an anti-inflammatory.
  4. Aids in chelating toxins from the body.

Note: The servings noted above are based on the use of the Enzyme Complex that we sell on our website.

Warning: Do not take enzymes with any medicines as they will enhance absorption and intensify the effects.

Healthy pH Protocol Regardless of any other protocols or supplements being used, we recommend doing this pH Protocol at the same time. It may greatly enhance your healing process.


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Notice: If you have a life or health threatening illness we suggest that you consult a healthcare professional who can become familiar with your health situation, preferably a qualified Naturopathic Doctor or one who has been trained in Integrative Medicine. We also encourage you to diligently research any information on our websites or in our newsletters to decide if you are in agreement with the opinions offered. All decisions made in the use of supplements is the sole responsibility of each individual.

All information offered herein is strictly opinion and is presented as an exercise of the God-given unalienable Right of free speech, as well as the right to help others, set forth in part by The Herbalist’ s Charter.

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