Immunity Booster and Unnatural Cell Growth Protocol

.Commentary by Ben Taylor

Protocol by Dr. Ken O’Neal, MD & ND

( (1) To begin this immunity booster and unnatural cell growth protocol, put aside stressful situations in your life and past traumas behind you. Many having truly lived through bad experiences have a tendency to live in the past while repetitively rehashing either real or perceived injustices. (Psychiatry more often than not encourages an endless wallowing in the miseries of the past while prescribing often harmful drugs.)  Focus instead on nutrition and a positive outlook to the future with healing your mind, body, and spirit as a priority. Research has shown that prayer, which puts the mind, body, and spirit into agreement with God and with the healthy actions you are taking is very helpful for optimal healing. God created a Universe of logic and order which has built into it “cause and effect”. We cannot expect regeneration of our physical mind and body if we continue to abuse them with unhealthy thoughts, unnecessary worries and stress, …especially when coupled by inadequate nutrition.

(2) One of the most essential elements of successfully boosting the immune system is exercise. Without regular and vigorous body movement and muscle use, the lymphatic system is unable to function properly because it has no built in pump to force the flow of fluids as does the circulatory system. The heart pumps blood through the arteries and veins to bring nutrition and oxygen to the cells and the lymph system removes the waste, debris, and disease components such as viruses, bacteria, and fungi. The lymph system of organs consisting of the spleen, the tonsils, the thymus, lymph glands, and appendix are essential parts of the body’s detoxification and immune system. If you are unable to get out and walk vigorously on a regular basis, one of the best options is a small (about 36” in diameter) trampoline. The vigorous walking and the rebounding stimulates lymph flow so that toxins can be removed, so do not neglect exercise, one of the most important aspects of good health.

(3) Stop all alcohol and tobacco use as well as food abuse (overeating of foods, especially processed foods, sugar products and drinks) as they will lower your immunity even further and may well be the root cause of your health problems. Again, back to “cause and effect”, we cannot expect regeneration of our physical mind and body if we continue to abuse them with unhealthy practices. If you are unwilling to engage this step, you may be wasting your time.

(4) Get to bed by 10:30 pm even if you don’t go to sleep immediately. You can pray or meditate and relax until sleeps comes. If you require a sleep aid, take 1-3 5-HTP capsules with 3-4 Membrane Complex (Magnesium, etc.) capsules and 1 Magnesium Orotate. Magnesium is essential to moving nutrients into body cells and flushing toxins out into the bloodstream for elimination. The body requires reasonable energy levels to function properly and the Adrenal Glands are key to that. If you’re sluggish in any way, 1-2 Adrenal Response Complex tablets will go a long way to rebuilding Adrenal Gland function and will enhance the effectiveness of the 5-HTP (Hydroxytryptophan) and Magnesium. This is much preferable to getting on the vicious roller-coaster of dangerous sleeping medicines.

(5) Discontinue consumption of most animal proteins (meat, milk, cheese, eggs, yogurt, and fish) and sugars (except for raw fruit) whether in food or drink for 30-90 days. One of the best alternative sources of protein is unrefined, bio-active, 100% all natural grass pasture, no anti-biotics and no steroids, raw milk Whey Protein. Eat only starches, vegetables (excluding potatoes) and fruit. Raw organic carrots and apples and/or their juices are very good. Mega doses of Enzymes (4-6 capsules morning, noon, and night) on an empty stomach will enhance circulation and boost your overall immunity to pathogens.

(6) Drink non-chlorinated and non-fluorinated water (6 – 8 glasses per day). Be careful above 64 oz. per day; too much water can result in electrolyte dilution which can cause neurological and heart problems.

(7) Perform a pH  urine test (a saliva test may not be accurate) first thing in the morning after waking up for three days to get a normal average. A neutral pH is considered about 7.0-7.4; acidic is below that and alkaline is above that. In most cases people with health issues tend to be more acidic. If you test in the acidic range, then add 1/4-1/2 teaspoon of Sodium Bicarbonate (Baking Soda, not baking powders) to 6-8 ounces of water and drink it once a day for 3 days. Check your pH level again, if it has not increased to a level near 7.4, continue the protocol for another 3-4 days. This should adjust your body toward a more alkaline pH which is a much less friendly environment within which pathogens, tumors, cancers, and other diseases can flourish. This is not a long-term cure for acidosis caused by a bad diet; it is better to eat adequate organic green vegetables and fruits to ‘naturally’ maintain a proper pH. But this baking soda protocol can help you in the short-term to boost your pH and your immune system while utilizing other elements of this Immune Booster Protocol. The body responds with better health to a pH shading toward the more alkaline, in the 7.4 range.

CAUTION: Becoming too alkaline for too long can also have negative health consequences. If one suspects or has been diagnosed with cancer or a tumor, a pH of 8.0 or higher for a few days can actually trigger rapid tumor breakdown called Tumor Lysis Syndrome. This condition can result in a major organ shutdown (liver and/or kidneys) or other complications such as perforated bowels if the abnormal cell condition is in the colon. It is better to slowly reverse the condition so that the body is able to heal and regenerate normal tissue the same rate at which the abnormal tissue is being destroyed. (Note: Do not take Sodium Bicarbonate with meals or close to mealtimes as it reduces the acidity of the stomach acid needed for proper digestion.)

(8) Before starting the IP-6 protocol (if you think you may be deficient in magnesium, usually evidenced by muscle cramps in the extremities) do a 1-2 weeks therapeutic protocol of Membrane Complex (3 caps morning and night), and 1 Magnesium Orotate, Zinc Balance, (2 caps per day). Lugol’s Iodine (5-10 drops per day on the soft tissue of your arm or stomach is best). The Lugol’s may be taken orally in 4-8 oz. of water, but is better absorbed through the skin. These will boost your cardiovascular vitality and heart rhythm strength.

(9) Another essential potent immune booster is Selenium Synergy (200 mg for maintenance and up to 1200 mg per day therapeutically). Iodine and Selenium should be taken at the same time as each requires the other for proper assimilation.

(10) Simultaneous with item (7) do a Liver Cleanse (7 or 14 day) to flush toxins from your liver and gall bladder and continue to do a liver cleanse every 4-6 weeks as long as you are using this protocol. If you are strong enough, you may want to do the 5 day liver cleanse detailed below.

(11) Also with item (7) and (8), do a 1-2 week colon cleanse using a 50/50 mixture of Diatomaceous Earth and Calcium Bentonite Clay (1 tablespoon per day). If you are experiencing constipation or irregular bowel movements, you may also need to use an herbal aid such as Colon Klenz (2-8 caps per day depending on how your body responds).

(12) Next, start either Cell Forte Inositol/IP6 (Max 3 with Maitake Mushroom & Cat’s Clawis the more potent) or Rose Laurel OPC protocol as suggested below. These protocols may be alternated every other month, but we do not recommend doing both simultaneously, especially if one is in a weaken state of health already. Note the CAUTION below. If generally strong and healthy otherwise, using both concurrently may be worth considering. Should one choose both, always proceed with caution as doing so may intensify the flushing of toxins and cause a more intense Herxheimer Effect which can result in flu-like symptoms, diarrhea, and nausea. Always start with a minimum amount of either of these two products for 3-7 days. If your body responds reasonably well, you may then choose to gradually increase your servings. Always stay within your comfort level.

CAUTION: If one suspects or has been diagnosed with cancer or a tumor, products such as Rose Laurel OPC and IP-6 that stop un-natural cell growth can actually trigger rapid tumor breakdown called Tumor Lysis Syndrome. This condition can result in a major organ shutdown (liver and/or kidneys) or other complications such as perforated bowels if the abnormal cell condition is in the colon. It is better to slowly reverse the condition so that the body is able to heal and regenerate normal tissue at the same rate at which the abnormal tissue is being destroyed.

(13) After starting either the OPC or IP-6, take 1 tablespoon of Zeolite in 8 ounces of water per day on an empty stomach. Zeolite is a potent cellular detoxifier, often used for heavy metal and radiation poisoning.

(14) Take 2 N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC) (600mg time release capsules) with fruit juice three times per day on an empty stomach (to aid the body synthesizing Glutathione). If weight loss is already advanced, these amounts can be doubled. Sometimes high dosages of NAC can lead to the loss of Zinc, Copper and other trace minerals and it may be advisable to take a Zinc/Copper Balance and a 75 Plant Mineral and/or Himalayan Salt with Fulvic Acid supplement to reduce this possibility.

(15) Take an anti-microbial supplement like Colloidal Silver (½ -2 ounces) and Olive Leaf Extract on a daily basis. It is reported that colloidal silver enhances both IP-6 and OPC effects. (When dealing with systemic viral or bacterial issues, it is best to buy Silver in 142 oz jugs to same money. Therapeutic use requires more than simply an ounce or two here and there.)

(16) Another potent healing supplement is Liposomal Vitamin C. It has been used in mega amounts for the healing of many issues including abnormal cell growth. Although it may cause some diarrhea, 1000mg per hour for 6-8 hours can be taken.

(17) Enzymes can be a potent component in the healing of tissue and the reduction of fibrin (scar tissue) when used in mega amounts. (See Systemic Enzyme Therapeutic Protocol under Anti-Inflammatory and Chelation Protocol) In mega doses enzymes will also break down the outer shells of one-celled organisms such as virus which may often be the trigger for unnatural or malignant cell growth.

(17) Organic Flax Oil (1/4 to 1/2 ounce per IP-6 serving) is used to enhance the IP-6 Protocol.

(18) If available Curcumin (as per the work of Dr. H. Kremer) and Black Seed Oil (Nigella Sativa) are good optional additions to this protocol used 3 times per day after meals.

(19) Vitamin D3 is essential to a healthy immune system. The best way to obtain it is exposure to sunlight. It takes at least 30 minutes per day with bare chest or legs and arms to get an adequate amount. For therapeutic use 10,000-20,000 IU per day is often suggested.

(20) Colloidal Silver has properties that aid in boosting the immune system against infections and inflammation, while regenerating healthy tissue. New research by British scientist also indicates that silver may be a potent killer cell fighter in its own right. (Note: When using therapeutic amounts of silver (1 or more oz. per day) for more than a week or two, be sure and take Probiotics an hour or so afterwards to replenish the colon flora to maintain proper digestion.)






Healthy pH Protocol Regardless of any other protocols or supplements being used, we recommend doing this pH Protocol at the same time. If dealing with systemic viral or bacterial caused illnesses or tumor issues, a more alkaline environment makes it easier for the body to fight these diseases. We believe it best to cycle your body pH up from 7.0 to 8.0-8.4 for short periods (a week or so at a time).  This not only creates a body environment less conducive to disease, but also enhances the flow of blood and lymphatic fluids-which are also key in eliminating toxins from the body.


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Rose Laurel OPC Dosages:
Suggested Rose Laurel OPC (Capsules) protocol by OPC researchers (Cancer, Hep C, HIV, Neurological problems).

(1) Start off by taking 1 capsule with breakfast for 2 days. (with Bromelain for enhanced assimilation)

(2) Increase dosage to 1 capsule twice per day (2 caps total) with breakfast and lunch for a further 2 days.

(3) For more serious ailments increase dosage to 2 capsules twice per day (4 caps total) with breakfast and lunch for 1 month.

(4) If no improvement, increase dosage to 3 capsules twice per day (6 caps total) with breakfast and lunch for 2 months.

(5) When in remission, the dosage can be reduced to 2 capsules per day for at least a further 3 – 6 months

Case studies for oleander extract treatment.

Johanna Budwig Mix:
This can be done as an addition to the above protocol if you are able.

(1) Blend 6 Tbsp of cottage cheese (organic if possible) and 3 Tbsp of Organic Flax Oil. You can mix higher quantities at a time but keep the ratio 2 Tbsp of cottage cheese to 1 Tbsp of Flaxseed oil. Add 2 Tbsp of freshly ground up Flaxseed (in a coffee grinder). Add half a teaspoon of cayenne. You can also add a bit of garlic. You can add fruit to this blend. Blend all this together. If the mixture is very thick, add 2 or 3 Tbsp of fruit juice like grape or apple.

(2) Take the above mixture during the day. Make a fresh batch every 2nd or 3rd day.

5-day Liver Cleanse
This liver cleanse is highly recommended and should be done prior to doing the protocols above.

It is best to have day 4 and 5 on a Saturday and Sunday or at a time when you can stay at home.
Day 1: Drink 32 oz. of organic apple juice during the day. Eat as normal otherwise.
Day 2: Drink 32 oz. of organic apple juice during the day. Eat as normal otherwise.
Day 3: Drink 32 oz. of organic apple juice during the day. Eat as normal otherwise.

Day 4: Do not consume any solid food after lunch time.
6 pm: Take one level tablespoon of Epsom salt in a glass of water
8 pm: Take another tablespoon of Epsom salt in a glass of water. You may find that you already have to take a trip to the toilet before the 8 pm Epsom salt.
10pm: Mix one half glass of olive oil and three quarter glass of freshly squeezed grapefruit juice by shaking it very well in a jar with a lid so that it mixes well and immediately get into bed after drinking the mixture. You will probably make more than one trip to the toilet during the night as well as during the next day.

Day 5: 6 am: Take another tablespoon of Epsom Salts (Magnesium Sulfate) in a glass of water
8am: Take one final tablespoon of Epsom Salts in a glass of water.
12 Noon: At noon, you may eat a light meal and a normal evening dinner.

You may find that many gallstones will be passed and will be noticeable in your stool. They will vary in size from about pin head size to 3/8” in diameter. Gallstones in the liver are a major cause of many health problems as they inhibit the flushing of toxins from the liver and gall bladder. This liver cleanse can be repeated every month until one finds that for two months in succession no more gallstones are passed. We also have a gentler Complete Liver Cleanse that is designed for 2 weeks, but it can be compressed into 7 days.

There is no promise of results and it is the responsibility of each protocol user to research, study, and then determine whether or not the above information is appropriate for them or not.

Should you wish to do a health consultation with Dr. Ken via telephone concerning a specific health issue, please place your order of either 1 or 2 hours below and he will schedule a call with you within 24 hours. Click to view consultation options.

Notice: If you have a life or health threatening illness we suggest that you consult a healthcare professional who can become familiar with your health situation, preferably a qualified naturopathic doctor or one who has been trained in integrative medicine. We also encourage you to diligently research any information on our websites or in our newsletters to decide if you are in agreement with the opinions offered. All decisions made in the use of supplements is the sole responsibility of each individual.

All information offered herein is strictly opinion and is presented as an exercise of the God-given unalienable Right of free speech, as well as the right to help others, set forth in part by The Herbalist’ s Charter.



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