Protect Yourself from Toxic Water

January 12, 2017, by Paul Fassa ( It’s an accepted fact that good plumbing and waste removal has done a lot to reduce microbial pathogenic diseases. It’s deceptive to claim reductions in polio, small pox, and other diseases came about from vaccines. They were on the way out before those vaccines were introduced thanks to those hygienic improvements. But more importantly is how to protect yourself from toxic water.

Better nourishment, hygiene, and plumbing for water in and human waste matter out put us and other industrialized nations beyond the problems of third world countries that lacked these conveniences. But in that process came other hazards – toxic chemicals.

These chemical pollutants are beyond pathogenic microbial contaminant purification. Chlorine, which can be a contaminant itself, is useless with chemical toxins. Some progressive Western European and USA water systems use ozone to oxygenate and destroy microbial pathogens instead of adding another toxin.

Boiling water does nothing but concentrate the chemical toxins more as some of the water evaporates from the boiling process.

Water ranks second only to oxygen as one of our most important nutrients, above enzymes, minerals, and vitamins. Try going without for any length of time. It’s also vital for crop irrigation. If it’s toxic you’re adversely affecting your health on a regular basis.

Solutions will be presented at the end of this article after you’re convinced of needing them.

More Chemicals Find Their Way Into Our Drinking Water Than Most Know

Some of those toxins have inadvertently seeped into municipal water supplies from the thousands of industrial chemicals, mostly untested, that were much less prevalent a few decades ago. Leaking oil lines and Monsanto’s PCB dioxin contaminants and perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) from Teflon manufacturing have found their way into ground water and inland water ways that empty into coastal waters.

Fracking ruins tons of water in the process and creates problems for nearby water supplies. Large scale factory farming contributes to polluting our waterways with synthetic fertilizer runoff from farm land soils seeping into nearby inland waterways directly or via ground water.

Even pharmaceuticals seem to find their way into our drinking water. People have a tendency to flush their toxic psychotropic meds and others down the toilet after having bad side effects. Or they continue and their contaminated urine gets processed enough to purify urine pathogens, but the chemicals still remain.

Most recently, the publicized Flint Michigan lead water scandal has appeared of as only a tip of the lead pollution iceberg. Reports of lead water pollution cover-ups from several different areas have been leaked. A lot of this type contamination is due to corrosion of old pipes within those water systems.

Even worse,  recent reports have disclosed  hexavalent chromium 6, the carcinogenic toxin featured in the real life movie drama “Erin Brokovich”, is at high levels in 2/3 of our water supply, adversely affecting 200 million people.

All this is included in approximately the same percentage of our nation’s water supply that is intentionally fluoridated to supposedly prevent tooth decay. International studies by the World Health Organization (WHO) show there is no difference of tooth decay rates between areas using fluoridated water and areas without, which by the way is most of the rest of the world.

While many fluoridation supporters claim it’s natural, the type of fluoride used is hydrofluorosilicic acid, an EPA declared toxin that mostly the phosphate fertilizer industry was forced to capture from their smoke stacks preventing nearby areas from being poisoned by fluorine gases.

Then they were not allowed to dump what was captured into waterways and landfills. Getting rid of that was too expensive. So industries emitting fluorine gases came up with the bright idea of selling the captured gaseous solids as liquids to municipal water suppliers. It was an easy sell, using the widely accepted medical propaganda of fluorides preventing tooth decay.

Several scientists have asserted that fluorine is carcinogenic. It is proven to displace iodine, the thyroid gland’s most vital nutrient. It calcifies the pituitary gland. Accidental spillage requires hazmat suit handling as it’s corrosive enough to eat through concrete. Yet cities continue paying millions annually to buy it and put it into 70 percent of our water supplies.

Not convinced of water fluoridation’s negative impact? Much more here.

Solutions for These Horrors are Simple, Some Pricey, Some Cheap

 The healthiest drinking water is natural real spring water. Most bottled water is not spring water regardless of their labels, and most of their the plastic bottles leech hormone disruptors such as BPA carcinogenic compounds common to plastic.

And those bottled waters are usually reverse osmosis treated tap water. A few brands like Fiji and Volvic are really high mineral spring waters in relatively safe plastic bottles. They’re great for carrying around and sipping. But they’re not economically appropriate for home consumption and cooking.

You would need to locate a spring water provider that’s located far enough away from fracking areas that delivers the water in glass five gallon jugs. It’s feasible in some areas.

Getting back to pricey solutions, if you own your home you can outfit it completely with a reverse osmosis and activated charcoal filtering system that handles all the water coming in for drinking, cooking, and bathing. A similar kitchen only system is much less pricey.

No can do? You can always go to just about any supermarket and fill one, three, and five gallon non BPA plastic jugs for around a quarter a gallon or so. They have machines that combine reverse osmosis (RO) and activated charcoal.

I trust health food stores more because they usually list times of last service on their machines. The RO filters need to be changed regularly. And I’m a renter so forget installing anything. Besides, this method is the least expensive.

The only issue with RO is that it removes perhaps 80 percent the water’s minerals in the process of removing almost all the toxic chemicals and fluorides. Distilling water removes all the minerals. Ideal for herbal extractions but not so good for drinking. It can leech minerals out of your body with daily consumption over time. The solution for RO lost minerals is small amounts of real sea salt or a few drops of an inexpensive trace mineral supplement available in most health food stores or online.

There are also gravity fed filtering systems that can take out almost anything toxic. The Berkey system is one, but it’s no longer the only brand available. If you do live in an area that fluoridates its water, you would need an extra filter for the Berkey. Others may be standardly equipped for removing fluorides.

The advantage of these systems, reportedly once used by missionaries in hostile jungle environments to purify polluted water, is there is no need for electricity. If the water pressure drops as well during an emergency, you can fetch water from any source and filter it through these gravity fed machines and hydrate safely.

The only thing missing if you can’t do your whole dwelling with an RO/activated charcoal system is your shower. It’s not so much that the water penetrates you skin, that’s arguable. But hot water tends to vaporize the toxins that you’ll then breathe in. There are activated charcoal filters for shower heads that can be valuable for reducing that danger.

These solutions provide you with a wide range of options, from cheap to pricey, for reducing your exposure to toxic water, which is more widespread and unhealthier than publicized. If you accomplish nothing else in your health quest, learn to protect yourself from toxic water.



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