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Lab No. 2k6-0360

I C P  A N A L Y S I S  R E P O R T

Product Comparison Chart

Requester:                            Ben TaylorCustomer:                             Utopia Silver SupplementsAnalyst:                 Steve Govorchin, Analytical Chemist

Analysis Requested:
1. Analyze four silver colloid samples.

2. Analyze three gold colloid samples.

Sample IDs:
1. AgH2O sample 1B

2. AgH2O sample 2B

3. AgH2O sample 3B

4. AgH2O sample 4B

5. AuH2O sample 1B

6. AuH2O sample 2B

7. AuH2O sample 3B

The samples were diluted as necessary and analyzed on the AtomScan25 ICP-OES.

Results are given in micrograms per gram (parts per million) of the original sample.

Item No. Product Sample ID Silver Product Description
 1. AgH2O sample 1B 63.2 ppm Production control sample
 2. AgH2O sample 2B 33.0 ppm Production control sample
 3. AgH2O sample 3B 22.9 ppm Advanced Colloidal Silver sample 1
 4. AgH2O sample 4B 20.1 ppm Advanced Colloidal Silversample 2
Item No. Product Sample ID Gold Product Description
5. AuH2O sample 1B 10.3 ppm Production control sample
6. AuH2O sample 2B 13.2 ppm Colloidal Gold
7. AuH2O sample 3B 16.4 ppm Production control sample

Silver Analysis
Gold Analysis
Product Comparison Chart


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