Sweet Dreams Magnesium Citrate

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(12 ounces)
SWEET DREAMS is a Super Sleep enhancing and anxiety reducing blend of Magnesium Citrate, Vitamin C, and 200x Aloe Vera Concentrate.

Promotes & Enhances REM sleep
Calms Anxiety and Nervousness
Smooths Pulse Rates

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Product Description

12 ounces

SUPER SLEEP AID Magnesium Citrate w/ Vitamin C (Absorbic Acid) and 200x Aloe Vera Concentrate

Magnesium is a naturally occurring mineral that is crucial to overall health, involved in hundreds of biochemical reactions in the body. This particular form is a compound of magnesium and citric acid, which is intended to help regulate acidity and increase bioavailability. With adequate dietary intakes of magnesium on the decline in the United States, proactive supplementation can combat magnesium deficiency and the associated side effects.

  • Powerfully Supports Physiological, Cardiovascular Function, Relaxation and Nutrient Utilization.
  • No additives, No preservatives, No artificial sweeteners, No Fillers, No Soy and Gluten Free.
  • Magnesium is very important for the normal functioning of cells, nerves, muscles, bones, and the heart.
  • Magnesium Citrate is a mineral supplement used to prevent low amounts of magnesium in the blood.
  • Magnesium citrate retains water in the intestines by osmosis. Increasing water in the bowel aids motility.
  • Magnesium citrate helps increase energy level and helps calm nerves and anxiety. It also reduces muscle aches and spasms. Magnesium citrate plays a key role in heart health.



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