SenTraMin 70 Plant Minerals


Natural blend of 70 essential trace and macro minerals from humic shale composed of prehistoric plants seldom found in today’s crop producing soils. Trace minerals are the keys that control all bodily functions. Read–> The Healing Power of Plant Minerals
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Product Description

Size: 90 caps
Serving Size: 3 caps

Mother Nature’s Perfect Foundational Supplement

Suggested Use: 3 Capsules Daily for Adults. 1 Capsule Daily per 20 lbs of body weight for Children.

SenTraMin Mineral Capsules have a synergistic blend of 70 plant-sourced minerals. These phytonutrients supports powerful antioxidant benefits, enzyme function, protein digestion, cellular DNA replication, and more. This may be the most important nutritional supplement for humans to use as a foundation to support longevity and optimal health.

Three (3) SenTraMin Mineral Capsules contain 900 mgs of a 40,000 ppm concentrate of 70 plant-source Senonian Trace Minerals that range from A to Z on the international minerals list. The quick-dissolve vegetable cellulose capsules release these nutrients in the stomach within about 10 minutes for peak digestion and absorption.

SenTraMin’s minerals are naturally extracted from prehistoric plant vegetate with only pure water then freeze-dried into a powder to maintain the integrity of the product. Plant-sourced minerals are drastically different than the metallic minerals. These 100% colloidal, full-spectrum, naturally chelated plant-sourced minerals that are the smallest, most bioavailable form available to reach down to the cellular level. This powdered mineral is GRAS Affirmed (Generally Recognized As Safe for Human Consumption), Kosher Certified, and one of the most organically pure consumables available from Mother Nature.

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