Respiratory Enhancement Nebulizer Kit

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Respiratory Enhancement Nebulizer Kit contains a compact/desktop nebulizer unit with piston driven compressor and two bottles of colloidal silver,
Delivers a powerful aerosol mist to aid in the healing of various respiratory issues.
See the Nebulizer Aerosol Mask here.
Add Eucalyptus Enhancement to Your Colloidal Silver
Lobelia Extract for respiratory healing. Can be used in small amounts (1-3 drops max.).
Ionic Colloidal Silver
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Product Description

The Respiratory Enhancement Nebulizer Kit is a high-quality, lightweight nebulizer compressor at a great price! The Airial MedNeb is a top-selling ‘tabletop’ medical nebulizer compressor design. A very small, compact nebulizer compressor with features that are important – Like a specially designed, built-in nebulizer med-cup holder, a super-small footprint and lightweight design to travel easily. And the Airial MedNeb name is known and respected throughout the industry.

This powerful small medical nebulizer compressor is so compact and lightweight. It is only 6.5″ deep, 3″ high, and a tiny 5.25″ wide – weighs just 2.75 lbs! But this small nebulizer compressor still delivers a powerful 35 psi average delivery pressure and a 12.5 LPM flowrate. More than enough to give a quick and effective nebulizer treatment! And it comes with 2 nebulizer cups – one is re-useable and should last up to a year, saving you money!

The MedNeb nebulizer compressor uses super-durable components for lighter weight, quicker cooling, and extra strength. Features a special thermal shut-off switch to prevent overheating and promote longer compressor life.

Includes Airial MedNeb Nebulizer Compressor, Re-Useable High-Efficiency NebKit,  7′ Air Tubing, & Operating Manual.

1) Airial Medneb Nebulizer Compressor

2) 1 bottle of Advanced Colloidal Silver

3) 1 bottle of Advanced Ionic Silver

4) AirLife  Aerosol Mask


Additional Information

Weight 4.3 lbs
Dimensions 8 x 8 x 6 in


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