Nebulizing Silver to Heal Lung Diseases

December 22, 2016

( Ty Bollinger: Doctor comes to you and says, “Robert Scott Bell, your last blood work shows that you have lung cancer.” What do you do? {Nebulizing silver to heal lung disease is the first thing Robert Scott Bell would do.}

Dr. Robert Scott Bell: Well, I’m going to nebulize [colloidal] silver. Silver has shown to have profound oncolytic properties. This is something we can do.

We talk about pH issues sometimes. I don’t know if you’ve covered the use of the baking soda in this way. You can actually do a lavage within the lungs to nebulize that into certain tissues of the lungs. It’s a little more difficult to do.

But the silver alone is profound because the cancer cells don’t have any antioxidant defense mechanism. And the silver brings with it as much as 10 times its atomic weight in with every particle of silver at a micro level. We’re talking a nano scale level. And you can overwhelm and devastate cancer cells in that area within the alveoli. You can inhale that [nebulized silver] deeply into your lungs.

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