Natural Tips for Staying Healthy This Winter

Dec. 17, 2018; by Briana McDonald ( I’m not sure about you guys but when I think about winter what automatically come to mind are sniffles, colds, body aches, and nasal congestion. You see it everywhere and there almost isn’t enough Echinacea and elderberry in the world to keep you from experiencing one or more of these symptoms. There are however some natural tips for staying healthy this winter that any of us every day Joe’s can easily implement.

Some Naturally Healthy Tips:

Tip #1 Take a couple of teaspoons of Colloidal Silver Daily:


Colloidal Silver is the first thing I reach for every morning to give my immune system a boost and fight off anything that could potentially keep my in bed for two weeks (because who has time for that really??)

Colloidal silver is mankind’s oldest natural antibiotic and not only is it completely safe to use (please disregard any misinformation preached by people who know little to nothing about particle silver) but it is effective and easy on the wallet. It’s also safe for kids and pets! Just use a 1/4 of the adult serving recommendation. It also has an indefinite shelf life if stored properly so you’re not running the risk of losing any pennies whatsoever. For more information on Colloidal Silver and the many things it can help with please visit this article.

Tip #2 Supplement with Vitamins C & D:


Vitamin C and D really help support our immune systems and can go a long way in preventing any form of illness. Vitamin C does more for our immune systems than we may realize for example:

  • enhances antibody production (Blymphocytes, humoral immunity)
  • enhances interferon production
  • enhances phagocytic (scavenger cell) function
  • enhances t-lymphocyte function (cell mediated immunity)
  • enhances b-lymphocyte and t-lymphocyte proliferation
  • enhances natural killer cell activity (very important anti-cancer function)
  • enhances prostaglandin formation
  • enhances nitric oxide production by phagocytes (1)

Vitamin D is also a superhero in this story too though, and according to researchers it is one of the simplest solutions to a wide range of health issues! (2) Dr. Mercola states that around 50 percent of the general population is at risk of vitamin d deficiency and insufficiency. Among school children that percentage may be as high as 70 percent!


Researchers have noted that increasing the level of vitamin D3 among the population could cut the incidences of specific cancers that claim one million lives each year in half. (3)

One Study on Vitamin D and the immune system states:

“It is now clear that vitamin D has important roles in addition to its classic effects on calcium and bone homeostasis. As the vitamin D receptor is expressed on immune cells (B cells, T cells and antigen presenting cells) and these immunologic cells are all are capable of synthesizing the active vitamin D metabolite, vitamin D has the capability of acting in an autocrine manner in a local immunologic milieu. Vitamin D can modulate the innate and adaptive immune responses. Deficiency in vitamin D is associated with increased autoimmunity as well as an increased susceptibility to infection. As immune cells in autoimmune diseases are responsive to the ameliorative effects of vitamin D, the beneficial effects of supplementing vitamin D deficient individuals with autoimmune disease may extend beyond the effects on bone and calcium homeostasis.” (4)

Tip #3 Support Your Digestive System

You’re going to support your digestive system by feeding your body wholesome food sources that are easy for your body to breakdown like fruits and veggies and lean forms of protein. A sluggish or unhealthy digestive system affects the entire body and weakens overall immunity making anyone more susceptible to sickness. The best practices that anyone can do to increase their digestive health is:


  1. Take a Probiotics every day
  2. Eat a Probiotics-rich food at least every other day such as yogurt, kefir, pickles, tempeh, kombucha tea, miso soup or sauerkraut.

Tip #4 Move Your Body!

For most of us winter makes us lazy but trust me, a body in motion is a healthy body! They were designed to move and we need some sort of movement every day to keep it healthy and feeling good. There are plenty of exercises you can do indoors from low impact to high impact for even just 20 minutes that can help give your immune system an extra boost–and its FREE.

To be honest here my tips for staying healthy this winter could be more elaborated on as there are many different things we can do to support the immune system and keep us healthy but these are definitely my personal top 4! I hope this is helpful for you and your family and that you have a healthy and happy winter this year!



Briana McDonald-is a natural health writer and contributor to the Silver Bulletin e-News Magazine (Utopia Silver Supplements). She does free-lance health article writing as well as website and ad design.

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