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Magnesium for Life

Hi, This is Dr. Ken O’Neal with an episode of “TLC” … Teaching, Learning, and Caring for your health … today we’re going to talk about “Magnesium for Life.” Did you know that magnesium is one of the most important intra-cellular minerals in the body and that we need to take at least 1000 milligrams a day, according to Dr. Norm Sheeley, M.D., PhD, Neurosurgeon, and famous pain expert who uses the topical magnesium to treat pain syndromes and also according to Dr. Carolyn Dean, M.D., N.D. who wrote a book called “The Miracle of Magnesium.” And, it truly is a miracle because the deficiency of magnesium inside the cells is a cause of up to ninety different symptoms in the body, some of these are high blood pressure, spasms of the bronchials, which we call asthma, sleeplessness or insomnia, muscle cramps, even menstrual cramps, and, of course, many pain and inflammation syndromes  throughout the body.

How much do we need of this magnesium every day? According to the two doctors mentioned above, we need at least 1000 milligrams of a highly absorbable and very highly assimilable … that means the body can use it … it gets enough and then it can use it inside the cells to make all of these biochemical reactions work properly that will relieve these symptoms. So, how do we get this magnesium?


How to Get the Magnesium You Need
So, what is a simple and practical way that we can determine that we are getting enough magnesium into our bodies? If is true, and even a lot of government studies say, that up to 83% of the population in this country is magnesium-deficient. I mentioned Dr. Norm Sheeley, M.D., PhD, Neurosurgeon, earlier, and he was also a pain specialist. He wrote this book, “Holy Water, Sacred Oil,” and in the book, he describes a number of symptoms that are caused by magnesium deficiency: anxiety, confusion, depression, and fatigue. Magnesium’s also necessary in the mitochondria for energy production.

One of the things in my travels and my talks to patients that always crops up is one of the first questions I ask people is, “Do you ever have muscle cramps, muscle tightness, muscle twitches?” And, roughly, about 80-85% of the people answer in the affirmative. And, we know there are many reasons for magnesium loss and deficiency … including drinking too much alcohol, drinking too much coffee, taking diuretic medicines or diuretic herbs, as many people do, and they get some benefit, but they don’t really know what they are doing sometimes with these herbs … they don’t realize that they’re losing magnesium. Even chronic, acute stress conditions can cause dumping of magnesium in the urine and magnesium loss and thus deficiency. So, a simple, straightforward way is to see if we can get those muscle cramps to go away after taking the right kind and right amounts of magnesium for just a few days or weeks.

We have a special kind of magnesium here, called Membrane Complex, which has Magnesium AEP. Dr. Hans Nieper of Germany formulated this product several decades ago. AEP stands for Amino Ethanol Phosphate… it is a chemical that is found in the cell membrane, and since magnesium has to go through the cell membrane to get inside the cell where it’s really needed and because it’s the number one macro mineral inside the cell needed to relieve these symptoms. This particular formula is patented and cannot be found anywhere else [only from Dr. Kneiper formulation]. So, we recommend patients take two of these in the morning and two in the evening, which will more than fulfill their daily requirements of almost 100% absorbable and assimilable magnesium for the intra-cellular biochemical functions. If you do that, you get your basic daily needs. And, on top of that, we have a trans-dermal magnesium oil, which is the one [formula] that is touted and used successfully by Dr. Sheeley, Dr. Carolyn Dean and many others. You just spray or rub on to any areas of pain that you might have. We’ve had people get relief from carpel tunnel syndrome after two years … in ten to fourteen days; tennis elbow, and arthritic joints. This, in combination with the oral form, makes you able to get not just your daily needs, but optimum levels.

Membrane Complex


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