Tulsa County Jail Reports End to Outbreaks of Resistant Staph

The following story out of Tulsa, Oklahoma reports that Enviroguard Technologies LLC, distributors of Staph Attack(TM), a new hard surface disinfectant containing a silver dihydrogen citrate, has announced reports from customers of substantial success with the surface disinfectant that kills resistant forms of staph. Tulsa County Jail reports that it has completely eliminated Staph infections, including MRSA, in its facilities and is seeing continued benefit from added convenience and cost savings following the adoption of Staph Attack.


Shipments of the disinfectant were sent to a variety of institutional customers including the Tulsa County Jail. The jail, with its 1700 cells and over 1500 inmates, has historically faced challenges with a resistant form of staph known as Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA). Prior to use of the new disinfectant, the facility experienced, on average, 12 cases of Staph infection every month.

According to Tulsa County Sheriff, Stanley Glanz, “We have been fighting Staph infections for some time now, and in our best efforts using previous [non-silver products], we were unable to contain or stop the presence of MRSA. Since we started using Staph Attack two months ago, we have not had one new case of bacterial infection, including MRSA. The fact that [this silver product] is non-toxic and doesn’t require the use of gloves or masks during application has been a great cost saving benefit and is far more convenient to use.” The manufacturer states that, “Resistant forms of Staph have become pervasive in our society and are impacting everything from prisons, to schools, to hospitals.

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