Is Colloidal Silver Safe?

Nov. 23, 2018; by Ben Taylor (Silver Bulletin- As a supplement company (Utopia Silver Supplements) we receive many questions about various supplements, with the most frequently asked question being “Is Colloidal Silver Safe?”.  The most recent question came on FaceBook from Johnny G. who simply asked, “I have never taken this [colloidal silver]; is it safe?”

Silver is simply a natural anti-microbial (germ-killer) and is probably the safest of all minerals. The health benefits of silver have long been known in the history of mankind, before germs were even known and understood. This germ-killing ability is why it has long been used to make eating and drinking utensils and to preserve water and milk. The term “born with a silver spoon in their mouths” is a reference to the practice by the wealthy of having their children suck on silver spoons to ward off serious diseases such as the Bubonic Plague caused by the bacterium Yersinia pestis. Of course the poor could not afford silver utensils and were therefore more susceptible to viral and bacterial disease. These historical facts are contrary to the propaganda campaign routinely trotted out against silver by mainstream medicine and the fake media. Colloidal Silver, a suspension of the mineral silver in distilled or de-ionized water, is not “unsafe” in any sense of being toxic and causing death or debilitating bodily damage. On-the-other-hand, one should be cautious and limit the use of high PPM-chemically made silver (i.e. silver nitrate). Although it may not cause death, it can cause a cosmetic condition called Argyria (bluing/greying of the skin tissue) when used regularly and to excess. But even this Argyria concern is not the case with low PPM-electrically made colloidal silver (For more articles on Colloidal Silver posted in the lower half of the Utopia Silver Home Page go to,

There are many minerals essential to bodily health that can have damaging effects if taken inappropriately or to excess. Here are a few examples: (1) Iron is a primary mineral in blood health and no one could live a minute without it. But Iron in excess and especially without adequate stomach acid (HCL) for proper absorption can cause liver damage and eventually death. (2) Calcium is essential to bone health and proper muscle function and is the primary mineral facilitating proper muscle contraction.  But too much of the wrong kinds of calcium (especially when taken without adequate magnesium) can cause plaque build-up in the arteries, joints, and muscles, often resulting in CHF and death. (3) Chromium is a key trace mineral in the metabolism of glucose and maintaining stable blood sugar levels. It is essential for proper energy levels and in the synthesis of cholesterol, fats, and proteins. But used to excess Chromium can cause issues with balance, light-headedness, and even body rashes. (4) Copper is another trace mineral essential to the formation of bone, red blood cells, hemoglobin. Without proper copper levels, skin, joints, nerves and connective tissue break down. But once again, taken in excess, it can result in anemia, diarrhea, impaired respiratory function, depression, and nausea.

As shown here, anything we put into our bodies must be viewed in context of “real science” and truth, rather than ill-based and unfounded statements designed to scare people away from more economical, often more effective, and certainly safer “natural” remedies. Most of this false information is generated by mainstream medicine and government agencies operating under the undue influence of the drug industry. It is then proliferated ad nauseam by mainstream news media, as well as social media who often censor natural health information, especially about silver and vaccines. Ironically, these censors and purveyors of mainstream propaganda are usually those making hundreds of millions in revenue from advertising by the same companies falsely attacking what would be their competition if we lived in a health reality with an honest and level playing field. Research the revolving door between governmental agencies and the drug industry and you will be alarmed. Reality is almost all over-the-counter drugs are potentially dangerous and capable of causing bodily harm and very often death. These facts are usually downplayed. For example, an aspirin or two can relieve a headache, but take a whole bottle and death is very likely. Even an acceptable dose of Aspirin can be life threatening to some people. The same goes for Tylenol and Ibuprofen, both of which cause tens of thousands of cases of organ damage and death every year. Health damage and deaths caused by patented anti-biotics is another eye-opening area to research. These statistics are seldom if ever heard from mainstream medicine, drug companies or mainstream media. To read more about the dangers of patented drugs read the article “Death By Medicine”, There are also updated version of “Death By Medicine” online.

The bottom-line is Silver is simply a natural mineral alternative to always potentially dangerous anti-biotics produced, patented and sold with mind-staggering profits by Big Pharma. Silver is safer by far than any patented anti-biotic, but we neither  sell nor promote the use of high PPM chemically made silver and always recommend that you stick to low PPM electrically produced colloidal silver used with reason and common sense. Therefore, the answer to the question, “Is Colloidal Silver Safe?” is a resounding “YES”! For more articles about the use of Silver, go to and to read a bibliography of some of the volumes of Silver Research, go to,

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