Which colloidal silver is most effective, ionic or non-ionic?

A: There is much contentious debate within the colloidal silver community about ionic silver vs. particle silver. It is our belief that there are misconceptions on both sides of the issue, by some that only non-ionic “silver particles” are effective and by others that “ionic silver” is most effective. The truth is, they are both silver and each has its own distinct advantages in different applications.

Although, ionic silver may lose most of its effectiveness in the hydrochloric acid of the stomach becoming silver chloride and passing harmlessly out of the system, it is still very effective topically, in the eyes, ears, sinuses, mouth, lungs, and esophagus. Since silver particles work themselves by giving off silver ions, it stands to reason that ionic silver may have a more immediate effectiveness in the areas listed. For these areas we are offering “Advanced Ionic Silver”.

Silver particles on the other hand do not have the hydrochloric acid limitation factor and are able to survive the digestive acids and move on in the digestive system, the colon, liver, kidneys, bladder, etc., where it can be absorbed into the bloodstream and then act to support the immune system in those internal areas. We believe that a product such as our “Advanced Colloidal Silver” gives you the best chance of effectiveness from the stomach and beyond, with approximately 15% ionic silver and 85% non-ionic silver particles.

For more information on the issue of ionic vs. non-ionic, go here.

A further note of interest: Researchers have reported that when water is energized with an electric current, the water molecules are split apart into a positively charged hydrogen ion and a negatively charged hydroxide ion (oxygen attached to hydrogen). The ions, having lost their stabilizing electron, then begin to seek out electrons to acquire from other molecules. This higher concentrated ionic solution outside a one-celled organism is naturally compelled to rush inside the organism where there is a lower ion concentration, thus piercing the single cell’s membrane. We believe that our Advanced Colloidal Silver process that puts nanometer sized particles of silver into a distilled water suspension may at the same time electrically energize the water resulting in this phenomenon.


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