What Is Iodine Good For? 8 Important Iodine Uses That May Surprise You

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From healthy hair to wound healing, iodine is a must-have mineral for every aspect of your health! Here are 8 iodine uses that may surprise you:

#1. Iodine Can Be Used as a Sterilizing Agent

Iodine is one of the best antiseptics around. Almost all sterilization products have some form of iodine in them. Iodine is amazing as a wound cleaner, gargle, surface cleaner, and even water purifier!

Most iodine-based sterilizing agents come in the form of povidone-iodine, especially wound cleaners and gargles, since it has been proven to lower bacterial numbers.1 Tetraglycine hydroperiodide, which comes in tablets, are the best for water sterilization. You should use these sparingly, however. This form of iodine has been known to actually lower thyroid function, so it is best to use tetraglycine hydroperiodide tablets in emergency situations only.2

#2. You Can Improve Eye Health with Iodine

Certain areas of the eye, like the cornea, retina, vitreous body, anterior chamber fluid, and lens,3 are also areas of concentration for iodine. This means that iodine can be very beneficial for eye health. According to studies, iodine supplementation can be useful for cataracts,4 glaucoma, dry eyes, eye infections,5 and UVB protection.

In addition, some studies have found that the eyes can be just as adversely affected by halide-derived chemicals, perchlorate, thiocyanate, and fluoroborate in particular,6 as the thyroid.

#3. Iodine Helps Strengthen Teeth and Gums

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