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All International Customers are responsible for reading this page before ordering. Please read this International Orders Info page thoroughly. International Orders always have higher shipping rates than domestic orders and are charged by the shipping company (USPS or UPS). International orders shipping charges must always be verified and approved by a Utopia Silver order desk clerk before orders are accepted and finalized. Shipping charges do not originate with, nor are they set by Utopia Silver. International Orders are usually shipped using United States Postal Service (USPS) Priority International Mail. These shipments can take 14 business days (and SOMETIMES LONGER) for delivery when shipped with this method. If the international shipping charges do not show up on your cart, then it will have to be added manually by our order clerk.

THERE IS NO FREE OR FLAT RATE SHIPPING ON INTERNATIONAL ORDERS. We regret that we cannot give Flat Rate or Free shipping on International orders, but the shipping charges are too much for us to absorb the cost. To cover shipping costs would make international sales unprofitable and simply not worth the time and effort. As it is fraud on international sales is 3-4 times higher than USA domestic making the overall profit margins very small.  If you’re given a shipping cost on checkout, it will go into a pending status and you will be emailed the actual shipping charges. Our shopping cart program does not distinguish between domestic and international. To avoid this, it is best to E-mail your order request to us.

Import Duties or Tariffs are collected by each country’s Customs Office upon delivery to that country. Utopia Silver has no input into these charges and each customer is responsible for paying these customs duties. It is also each customers responsibility to know which products are acceptable to their country’s customs and which are not. The customer is also responsible for verifying with their Customs Office that the customs charges are acceptable before placing an order. Simply go to our website and add the total cost of the products you intend to order and then call your Customs Office with that total for an estimate of charge. If their estimate is acceptable to you, then go to our website and place your order. DO NOT PLACE AN ORDER WITH US IF YOU ARE NOT GOING TO PAY YOUR CUSTOMS FEES.

Should you decide not to pay your customs charges, you are still liable for the cost of products and shipping. In some cases, if we can determine that the package is unopened and completely untampered with, we may consider a product refund minus a restock fee. We do no refunds on products that we do not manufacture or package. All products manufactured by companies other than Utopia Silver are to be considered non-refundable.

INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMER NOTICE: Each customer is responsible for knowing the laws and the custom requirements of the country to which they are shipping. There are almost 200 countries in the world and we do not have the infrastructure to know and understand all the customs and/or laws of each country. Therefore, we do not get involved in contacting or communicating with the Customs agencies of any country; that is solely the customer’s responsibility. IF THE PRODUCT YOU ORDER FROM UTOPIA SILVER SUPPLEMENTS IS CONFISCATED BY YOUR COUNTRY’S CUSTOMS AGENCY, WE WILL CONSIDER REFUNDING ONLY THAT PORTION ABOVE OUR PRODUCT COST AND SHIPPING CHARGES.

We ship all orders Priority Mail International. Due to unusually high incidents of international fraud, the processing time for international orders can take up to 5 business days before shipment. Shipping can then take between 7-14 business days, but we cannot promise any delivery time. There are simply too many variables and potential issues involving International Orders.

Please Remember
, you can only place an order online if your country is listed on the shopping cart ‘dropdown’ at the time when entering your shipping information on the shopping cart. If your country is not listed on the ‘dropdown’ your order must be E-mailed here.

In your E-mail, describe the following:

(1) what you would like to order with Product Name and SKU Number;

(2) your exact shipping address (which should include street and number, province and/or state name, and country name with zip code);

(3) your contact E-mail address;

(4) and your contact phone number.

After we receive your order, we will then notify you of your verified International shipping rate and order total, including information on how to send your payment.

1. If your country IS NOT listed on the ‘dropdown’ in the shopping cart ‘Customer Profile’ page or IN THE EVENT OUR SHOPPING CART SECURITY REJECTS THE ORDER, then we can only accept Western Union, Bank Cashiers Check, US Postal Money Order, or MoneyGram payments. When the payments clear the respective banks after we make deposit on our bank then the product will be shipped.

Please Note:  may be the best way to pay for our products Internationally. Our MoneyGram ID is Simply go online and open your own account and then send payment to

2. If your country IS listed on the ‘drop-down’ in the shopping cart ‘Customer Profile’ page Credit Card and PayPal payments are accepted as well as Western Union, Bank Cashiers Check, US Postal Money Order, and MoneyGram payments. We will be in contact with you by Email for payment processing after you place your order online and we verify the shipping method and shipper charges.

3. If you choose to use Western Union, then you must notify us by email with your exact address. We will then send you an email with information on how to locate your nearest Western Union office. After sending your Western Union payment, you must then email us your Western Union Receipt Number (MTCN #).

4. If you are sending a Bank Cashiers Check or Bank Money Order, E-mail us and let us know that it has been sent.

We ship all orders Priority Mail International unless specifically requested and approved by us. Due to unusually high cases of international fraud; processing time for international orders can take up to 5 business days before shipment. Shipping can take between 7-14 business days but is not promised.

Please note that additional funds will be required for Express Shipping and you MUST request it before your order is placed. If you wish to pay additional fees for express mailing services, you must notify us by E-mail before placing your order so we can make adjustments to your shipping rate and arrange for your payment. (THERE IS NO FREE SHIPPING ON INTERNATIONAL ORDERS. If you given a shipping cost on checkout, it will go into a pending status and you will be emailed the shipping charges. To avoid this, it is best to E-mail your order request to us. If your order is over 275.00 not including taxes and shipping, we will deduct the cost of shipping to the USA city nearest to your location.)

Never send your Credit Card information in an E-mail.

Orders are shipped only after your payment is processed and has cleared our Bank.

We assume no delivery liability or responsibility for International Orders. “Wholesale value insurance” from the shipper is added to protect Utopia Silver on higher cost orders. If you prefer retail value insurance to cover your cost of the products, you must specifically request it. Note: A higher insurance declaration may increase your Customs Charges.

When your order has been shipped, you will receive an E-mail with your U. S. Customs Tracking Number or an Airway Bill Number if via UPS Worldwide. Once your package is picked up by the shipping company, we have absolutely no control over the delivery process.

After your verification, if you believe the custom charges are too high, we advise you not place the order.

We sincerely apologize for these complicated instructions and restrictions, but it is necessary. We wish it were different, but we just want you to know that we value our International customers every bit as much as our American and Canadian Customers.

Thank you very much.

Utopia Silver Supplements Management and Staff