How to Become a Healthier and Younger You

March 24, 2017; by Tony Isaacs ( How to Become a Healthier and Younger You. Not long ago, I saw a funny meme in which a young woman was telling her ex-boyfriend that she learned that every cell in the body was replaced within seven years and that meant that in seven years he would never so much as have touched any part of her.” That struck me as pretty funny, but it also struck me as perhaps being pretty true since I have seen reports for years which contend that our bodies do indeed replace MOST of our cells over time.

It’s an intriguing idea to be sure, and one that has caught the popular imagination. Here’s how the story goes: Every seven years (or 10, depending on which story you hear) we become essentially new people, because in that time, every cell in our body has been replaced by a new cell.

So I decided to do some investigation to try to separate fact from fiction – and what I found out was that with a healthy diet and lifestyle, optimum nutrition (including supplementation) and elimination of life-robbing toxins you can pretty much grow yourself into a healthier person – a younger you, in essence.

The Rates Our Bodies Cells Die and Are Replaced

Individual cells have a finite life span, and they are replaced with new ones when they die off. There are between 50 and 75 trillion cells in the body and each type of cell has its own life span. For example, red blood cells live for about four months, while white blood cells live on average more than a year. Skin cells live about two or three weeks. Colon cells have it rough: They die off after about four days. Sperm cells have a life span of only about three days, while brain cells typically last an entire lifetime (neurons in the cerebral cortex, for example, are not replaced when they die).

To see a complete table of the lifespan of different cells, see:

The Role of Toxins, Nutrition and Lifestyle in Cellular Aging

Unless we properly nourish our cells and eliminate and avoid toxins, our cells become increasingly less healthy as we grow older. Our world has become increasingly toxic and toxins build up in cells which are not properly cleansed, which causes the cells to become less and less healthy. When we also fail to properly nourish our cells with optimum nutrition, our cells also become less healthy.

The late, great French Scientist Antoine Bechamp explained that the cause of almost all disease is a combination of unhealthy, undernourished cells and toxins. Such a combination is an open invitation to disease and illness. A prime example is cancer. Toxins are far and away the number one cause of cancer – particularly prolonged exposure to toxins in combination with unhealthy cellular terrain. I should also point out that improperly nourished and cleansed cells and a poor lifestyle weakens our vital natural immune system, which is our first line of defense against cancer and other disease.

Clearly then, the way to grow into a healthier, younger version of ourselves is to eliminate and avoid toxins and change from an unhealthy diet and lifestyle to a healthy one. The healthier you live and eat the healthier your cells will become and those healthier cells will become the blueprint for new cells instead of unhealthy ones. Yes, it really is as simple as that – but it takes effort and determination. How to Become a Healthier and Younger You is To Be Continued–>


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