How Concerned Should We Be About the Corona Virus Becoming a World Wide Pandemic?

Feb. 7, 2020; by Ben Taylor; (Silver Bulletin e-News) On the minds of millions, if not billions of people world-wide now is one question: How concerned should we be about the Corona Virus becoming a world-wide pandemic with apocalyptic consequences? Since many don’t understand the difference between an “epidemic” and a “pandemic”, we should define these terms first. Generally speaking an “epidemic” is contained within one country or a limited region, while a “pandemic” crosses borders and spreads to other countries, eventually spreading around the world. The prime question that goes to the root of this concern is whether or not there truly exists a potential pandemic that could threaten world populations by spreading from country to country and around the globe? I personally believe that this threat is likely exaggerated, but it may be impossible to know for sure until it’s too late.

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There are many questions being asked and possibilities being suggested in regard to the Corona Virus. Is this simply another scare designed to boost vaccination sales by pharmaceutical companies? Is this a Chinese plot to somehow infect and weaken the Western world by creating a world-wide health crisis and economic chaos? OR, ….Is this another well promoted “crisis” to raise worry and concern among the people causing them to run to government begging to be “saved” by mass compulsory vaccination? At this point, it is difficult to know what and who to believe.

Regardless of whatever the truth may be, there does seem to be something fishy going on with this current viral outbreak, just as we have seen with others previously. A past rotting fish case in point: After one of the Influenza scares several years ago, it was reported that millions of doses of a particular vaccine were about to expire and they would have had to be disposed. Instead the scare helped boost sales of that stock (just in time) and saved millions of dollars for a drug company.

Back to the Corona Virus…

Initially, it was reported that the outbreak started in a small market area in Wuhan City, Hubei Province, China. But even though the outbreak epicenter was determined immediately, no quarantine action was taken for almost two weeks to limit commercial airline flights into and out of that region. During this time, commercial flights were still moving from this already identified epicenter city to the USA. We would have to ask, “Why the sluggish and not timely response if there was real cause for concern?” …unless someone wanted it to get out-of-hand and spread before putting the lid on it. Additionally, it was later revealed that the source may be been from a nearby biological research laboratory which should have raised greater concern much more rapidly than it did.

What Does The Book of Revelation Warn Us About World-Wide Plagues?

Having given a few reasons that warrant some degree of skepticism concerning the possibility of a world population threatening pandemic, we cannot presume there is absolutely no danger. Although there is probably no need to panic, we live in an age of microbial biology that has never been known before. The overuse of patented antibiotics is known to be a direct cause of the development of “superbugs” which at some point in time have the potential to result in a Book of Revelation apocalypse scenario.

Each time there is a new “plague” scare, some Christians speculate as to whether this could be a predecessor of or the possible beginning of a fulfillment of a prophesied Biblical plague. For example:  Revelation 6:8 – I looked, and there before me was a pale (actually the manuscripts read “green”) horse! Its rider was named Death, and Hell was following close behind him. They were given power over a fourth of the earth to kill by sword, famine and plague, and by the wild beasts of the earth.” I personally do not believe that the timeline is correct for us to be concerned with this scenario at this time. This prophecy actually occurs after the opening of the “fourth” seal and I can’t see that any of the first three have yet opened. I’m no Bible scholar, so my opinion doesn’t mean that worldwide plagues of a lesser degree can’t occur at any time before the various seals are opened.

Does The Corona Virus Come From Snakes?

It seems that the so-called Corona Virus, named for the crown-like shape of the individual viruses, was first identified in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China in the 1960s. The virus typically causes respiratory illnesses much like the common cold or the flu. Initially, most of the infected were reported as working at a wholesale seafood market, which sold both live and slaughtered animals.

An interesting twist to this story is that in a study published in the Journal of Medical Virology found that this viral infection may originate from snakes. “Taken together, our results suggest that homologous recombination within the spike glycoprotein may contribute to cross-species transmission from snake to humans.” How usual is it for people to have any close contact with snakes? Does this further indicate some sort of biological laboratory setting? …such as the lab reported to be just down the street from the meat market where the virus first showed up. These cross-species (animal to people) viral outbreaks are very troubling, especially where cross contact is relatively limited as with the possibility of cross-transmission between snakes and people. It makes us wonder what is actually going on in some of these biological [warfare?] laboratories?

Refrain From Drinking Camel Milk & Urine To Control MERS?

Of course, not all such outbreaks can necessarily be blamed on Frankenstein labs. In the case of some viruses, cross-transmission may have a different dynamic altogether. An example is another corona virus named Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS-CoV). The National Institute of Health states about MERS, “The clinical spectrum of MERS-CoV infection in humans ranges from an asymptomatic or mild respiratory illness to severe pneumonia and multi-organ failure; overall mortality is around 35.7%.” MERS has been isolated in Eastern Africa and the Arabian Peninsula with inter-transmission confirmed, most probably from dromedary camels to people. Interestingly, one of the measures to control MERS is to “ban all consumption of unpasteurized camel milk and urine”. What??? Note: Although the new Chinese corona virus strain has similar symptoms as MERS, the overall mortality has not yet been established since the outbreak is still relatively young.

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There is much that is unknown about future ramifications in today’s world of genetic engineering. Those unknown consequences span the gambit of everything from food such as tomatoes being engineered with spider DNA to cross-engineering of potentially Biblical proportion apocalyptic viruses. Much of what we think we know is simply speculation; it could be better than we anticipate or it could be worse than we think. Either way, our best defense against the worst that could happen in regard to these killer diseases is to simply be ready by keeping our immune system in optimal condition.

Diet is always essential to a robust immune system. The best dietary way to keep an optimal immune system is to have one that is high in Vitamin C fruits and low in sugar and junk foods and drinks. When diet fails or simply can’t be maintained in today’s world of fast-paced life-styles, supplements often work in the short-term better than diet. Undoubtedly the most effective vitamin supplement in keeping a strong immune system is Vitamin C. There are also three minerals on the list of being the greatest of immunity boosters. These minerals are Selenium, Zinc, and Silver. When these three great minerals are coupled with a good diet and Vitamin C, our immune systems can withstand almost any viral invasion. We’ll soon post an article I’ve written about Vitamin C, the Super Vitamin that has no equal. The bottom line is this: we simply cannot rely on unknown, ill-tested, and questionable vaccines. The best way to survive any viral outbreak whether pandemic or not is to be sure that you and your families have a strong immune system. So, how concerned should we be about the Corona Virus becoming a world-wide pandemic with apocalyptic consequences? We should be concerned enough to take reasonable precautions, but not afraid enough to be panicked.

Is it time for the American people to push back against this globalist/deep state health crisis scam before our economy is completely destroyed and we then have a REAL crisis of EVERYTHING that sustains life on this planet?

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Ben Taylor, CEO & Publisher

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