Help Stop Government Attacks on Supplements

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June 22, 2015

Dateline: Sante Fe, New Mexico

by Paul Fassa, Natural Health Journalist

( There are approximately 157 million Americans using supplements, and between 2008 and 2011 the annual average of AERs for supplements was 1575, or 100th of one percent of supplement users had mostly minor adverse events from over-the-counter (OTC) supplements. But more Americans must learn how to help stop government attacks on supplements.

In 2011, Illinois Senator Dick Durbin and Democratic Representative Henry Waxman of California demanded the Government Accounting Office (GAO) to review supplement adverse event reports (AERs) to “prove” that supplements have safety issues that warrant more regulation than that which exists. In 2013 the GAO completed its report that proved supplements are safe!

Now Durbin and Connecticut Senator Richard Blumenthal, both Democrats, are now trying to sneak in an amendment on a 2016 military spending bill that would restrict supplements to military personnel. This may seem like it’s not very relevant to you, by it is a very sneaky attempt at gaining a foothold for creating greater anti-supplement legislation.

Senator Durbin has been carrying the pharmaceutical industry (Big Pharma) and increasing FDA’s police power with this agenda for a few years now. This is not Durbin’s first attempt at restricting supplements. Wherever he can insert supplement regulation into legislation will continue. He needs to be badly discouraged.

The Military appropriations bill is in a “must-pass” mode for 2016 military budget funding, and the Durbin-Blumenthal added amendments would be another step in creating FDA and pharmaceutical control of supplements.

For now, you can respond with the Alliance for Natural Health – USA (ANH-USA) call to action, which is conveniently laid out for you to petition congress without any hassles here. ANH-USA is located in Washington, DC, and they function as watch dogs monitoring congressional legislation that would further restrict our minimal health freedom.

Why are Durbin and Others So Persistent With Their Attempts to Restrict Supplements?

Senator Durbin was behind an amendment that he had attempted to sneak into other legislation that was being prepared for a vote the next day in May of 2012, the Food and Drug Administration Safety and Innovation Act. The amendment would have required supplement companies to register supplements with the U.S. FDA within 30 days, a nearly impossible task designed to put them out of business.

Thanks to the ANH-USA alert and call to action, 90,000 objections flooded Senate offices via emails and calls within a 24 hour period. Consequently, the amendment was excluded from the bill. This time all you have to do is use ANH-USA’s convenient form to chase Durbin away again.

It’s suspected that Senator Durbin is in with Big Pharma and it’s financial partner the FDA. Big Pharma is involved with sick care for big bucks and not health. The CDC and FDA are there to help them prosper.

Using big bucks to lobby our so called representatives is even cheaper than settling class action law suits for pharmaceutical injuries and deaths and paying huge fines to the Justice Department, both of which Big Pharma considers merely the cost of doing business.

Supplements are taken to avoid illness and improve health. And putting the FDA in charge of supplements in a way that most supplement makers cannot afford to comply with opens the door for Big Pharma to take charge of manufacturing supplements and doctors in charge of prescribing them.

Next would come “harmonizing” in compliance with EU’s Codex Alimenterius to create a world governing power in charge of deciding which supplements can be used and at what dosages according to allopathic doctors, most of whom are nutritionally ignorant.

Therapeutic vitamin, mineral, and herbal dosages would become obsolete. That’s right, even herbs and herbal extracts would come under attack. Pharmaceuticals would rule even more. Already, colloidal silver products have disappeared in the European market to comply with Codex Alimenerius.

Here’s an elephant in the room that’s ignored by many senators and congressional representatives. In 2008 alone, there were 526,527 adverse events reported for FDA-approved medicines, with 275,421 considered serious. Serious includes deaths, of which over 100,000 annual deaths are from correctly prescribed pharmaceutical medicines, not including the death toll from vaccines, according to FDA guidelines.

This data is recorded and well known in various medical journals and publicly communicated with even higher sourced numbers through books like Dr. Carolyn Dean’s Death by Modern Medicine.

Yet psychotic pediatrician and vaccine inventor Paul Offit are leading the charge to mold public opinion against supplements with false data in his articles and books. And the media pays attention to him. Guess the media won’t bite the hands that feed them with all those direct to consumer medicine commercials and ads.

Pediatrician Paul Offit, who has made millions from his Rotovirus vaccine for infants patent, publicly claimed infants can handle 1,000 vaccinations at a time. Meanwhile, several babies receiving multiple vaccinations of four or more at a time have actually died within days. Their deaths are written off as SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) or even worse, parents are jailed for shaken baby syndrome (SBS). Who are the real baby killers?

Don’t let Big Pharma get away with taking our supplements away. Do the call to action thing here.