Gross Misinformation About Colloidal Silver

by Ben Taylor, ( Beware of gross misinformation about colloidal silver being posted on the Internet. Not knowing these people personally, I cannot say whether they are flat out lying and know it or simply are ignorant of any silver other than what they produce. It is being said that all colloidal silver products that have color contains chemicals and that the color comes from the chemicals. This is completely false. Chemically produced silver such as mild silver protein made with silver nitrate does have color, but so does any electrically made silver containing particles. Any product containing silver particles will have color because light reflects off particles and in doing so shows color. On-the-other-hand, ionic silver shows no color since ions do not reflect light. Therefore, if you have a product that is clear, then it is ionic silver and not “colloidal silver”.

Note: Utopia Silver produces and sells both Colloidal (particle) Silver and Ionic Silver, so we have no axe to grind either way. Although ionic silver has some limitations that colloidal/particle silver doesn’t, both products are effective when used correctly.

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Again, beware of gross misinformation about Colloidal Silver.

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