Government-Presumed Guilty Until Proven Innocent

August 31, 2019; This is my response to a post  about possible government agency corruption and involvement in a criminal activity. ——It is a given that anyone involved in any kind of crime will attempt to insert themselves into the power base and/or supply source of whatever their criminal activity may be. …As we have all seen more than ever the past couple of years, government(al) agencies (even at the highest and most ‘respected?’ levels) are themselves a hotbed of vice and corruption. Didn’t the American Founders repeatedly warn us about corruption in government? The individual protection from government abuse is that the individual is “innocent until proven guilty”. But on-the-other-hand, the seldom acknowledged axiom must always be that government and government(al) agencies should be presumed “guilty unless proven innocent”. Only by these two foundational standards in the minds of the People can Liberty ever be sustained. Anyone, whether a public servant or a public servant boss/employer, who has difficulty with this concept of Freedom simply needs to read the writings of Washington, Jefferson, Franklin, Adams, Paine, Bastiat, and others, etc. Although Frederick Bastiat was a Frenchman, his observations of American (and French) politics and government, “ The Law”, written in 1850, is as astute as those of our own Founders. Further, it is a travesty that such writings as this are not required reading in government controlled public schools. Can anyone guess why? —–Ben in Utopia.


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