Frequently Asked Questions About Colloidal Silver


by Ben Taylor

( The questions asked about colloidal silver (which is actually particle silver) and ionic silver are too varied and numerous to list them all. Often the questions asked are from the perspective of one who doesn’t understand the difference between particle silver and ionic silver. Those familiar only with ionic silver usually presume that any labeled as “colloidal silver” must be clear. There are even so-called experts and silver producers who make this claim. The truth is a “colloid” is a suspension of very small particles in a liquid medium held in that suspended state by Brownian motion. If a product is really colloidal silver, it will have color, because it will consist of particles and particles reflect light causing the eyes to perceive color. On the other hand ionic silver is clear because it consists of silver ions rather than particles and therefore do not reflect light. Here is a list of some of the most frequently asked questions about ionic and colloidal silver.

1. Are colloidal silver products safe?

2. How is Colloidal Silver most effectively used?

3. Why is Advanced Colloidal Silver a dark greenish brown color rather than clear?

4. How is silver able to inhibit the growth of one-celled micro-organisms?

5. Does silver have a historical use other than as a medium of monetary exchange?

6. Does the generic term “colloidal silver” have more than one possible definition?

7. Why is there an EPA Reference Dose (RfD) for silver if it has no associated adverse effects?

8. What is the FDA’s definition of “colloidal silver” and why do they claim concern about it’s usage?

9. If silver is such a potent anti-microbial agent, why isn’t it used by mainstream medicine to treat people with illnesses for which there may be no other help?

10. Are colloidal silver products containing gelatins/proteins, salts, or nitrates effective?

11. Does colloidal silver fight only “bad” bacteria, leaving “good” flora unaffected?

12. How important is particle size and is a high ppm colloidal silver product required for effectiveness?

13. Which colloidal silver is most effective, ionic or particle (non-ionic)?

14. Can colloidal silver cause one to feel ill?

15. Can colloidal silver cause Argyria?

16. Can colloidal silver or colloidal gold cause an allergic reaction?

17. Are colloidal silver and colloidal gold “medicines” or do they interact with medicines?


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