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Colloidal Silver for Boils

Postby cris » Thu Jun 30, 2011 5:02 pm

I just found this forum and want to share the experience.
My boyfriens suffer from recurrent boils the last 5 (five) years, every month, week, days, anytime 1 or 2 boils at the same time. the doctor open and take out the infection, antibiotics everymonth, we feel helpless, I was so sick and tired to see him suffering. I remember once, the infection almost go to his heart, one week intravenous antibiotics.
So the last time (I hope) I bougth c. silver before he get a new one, 5 days after he have it.
1- I cleaned the area in the morning and night with c. Silver mixed with Milk of Magnesia ( is antibacterial).
2-Drink two (2) tablespoon of Colloidal Silver in the morning and two at night.
3- Just 3 days and did not grow, in 3 days WAS GONE. After a month
He still drinking one tsp 30ppm Colloidal Silver, we dont know for how long, but hoping C S kill the bug forever in his blood. :lol:
i dont know if work for parasites, I need something ffor skin parasite and will try CS
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