The Blue Man, To Be Blue or To Be Dead?

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The Blue Man, To Be Blue or To Be Dead?

Postby utopiasi » Sat Jan 12, 2008 11:57 am

by Ben Taylor

The major media from Fox to CNN to ABC are again running what amounts to a propaganda blitzkrieg against colloidal silver with stories about a man, Paul Karason of Madera California, who developed a cosmetic condition called Argyria, from using large quantities of homemade colloidal silver. As usual, they have to dredge up “old news”; as with this case from fourteen years ago. Seldom do they ever give any substantial background to such stories, leaving in the minds of their viewers and listeners images of people turning blue from using almost any amount or any kind of colloidal silver.

Beyond the intent of mainstream media to discredit the use of silver, this story is not only about Argyria if some kinds of “colloidal silver” are used in excessive quantities, but is unintentionally a story about the life saving ability of silver. Paul started making and taking colloidal silver because of life threatening and dehabilitating diseases, Arthritis, Diabetes and an unspecified liver condition, possibly Hepatitis. It is his claims of the living saving benefits of colloidal silver that the media just skims over and in most cases completely leaves out of printed stories. He specifically credits colloidal silver for saving his life and says he had rather be blue than dead. Not a difficult choice for him when the efforts of mainstream medicine apparently failed. Not only is he alive, but he is apparently healthy and happy.

What the controlled media doesn’t tell you is that these “blue people” always use one of several “kinds” of colloidal silver to excess, drinking upwards of a quart or more a day for long periods of time. If you take any “patented drug”, “mainstream medicine”, or “over-the-counter-medication” and use any of them to a similar excess, you will not be alive to go before the news media and talk about it. The blueness or grayness you experience may well be that associated with being in a horizontal position, six feet under.

In fact, thousands die each year from simply using the recommended or prescribed doses of many patented drugs. This is what actually happens to tens of thousands of people using such drugs every year. (Read Death by Medicine, by Dr. Gary Null in our Archives) This list of death causing drugs range from aspirin to Tylenol to anti-biotics, but you will never see a media blitz about it. If silver were even indirectly attributed to one death, there would be SWAT teams ready to pounce and shut down the manufacturers and sellers. Instead the worst they have is a rare cosmetic condition that doesn’t even cause death.

The current “blue man” admits to consuming homemade ionic silver in large and frequent quantities for a long period of time and as a result eventually developed Argyria. Without any doubt he would make a very convincing Papa Smurf for a television movie and he wouldn’t need any makeup, but he is not at all representative of a typical colloidal silver user, even one who uses silver every day. I can personally attest to that; I have averaged using from a tablespoon or so per day to occasionally using several ounces a day for a few days when I felt a bug coming on. Supposedly it is the heavy silver use and exposure to sunlight that triggers the condition. Well, I am an extraordinarily active man who is out of doors in the sun as much as I am indoors and as you can see in a recent picture on; I am certainly not blue.

The news stories seldom if ever give information about the many different kinds of products called “colloidal silver”. There are products that have low PPMs and small particles, like our Advanced Colloidal Silver, which is mineral and distilled water only and has almost no chance of causing Argyria even with more than modest use. There are many so-called colloidal silver products made with animal protein, salines and nitrates that may have several thousand PPMs. These large particle, high PPM products without doubt have the capability of causing Argyria, but only with frequent and heavy use. Even then the cases are far and few between and should not be taken as representative of colloidal silver use any more than the thousands of organ failures and deaths are representative of over-the-counter painkillers, such as aspirin, Tylenol and acetaminophen. Painkillers Up Post Heart Attack Deaths, ... tack-death

The biggest problem with such stories as this hyper-sensationalized “Blue Man” is the fact that it keeps the public attention, whether intentionally or inadvertently, away from potentially pandemic diseases and problems caused directly by the use of anti-biotics. Super-germs attributable to the use and overuse of antibiotics caused an estimated 40,000 deaths and possibly many times more in North American alone and are in the hundreds of thousands, possibly millions worldwide. It is very disturbing that although mainstream medicine and mainstream media coverage have addressed this issue somewhat, they almost always leave out the number of deaths because it is so shockingly large. They would never cover-up such numbers or even “a death” if it involved colloidal silver. I think that if someone drowned in a vat of colloidal silver, it would be reported as a colloidal silver “caused” death.

The disingenuity of the mainstream media has made statements related to Paul Karason saying such things as, “While it is true that microscopic silver particles have some germ-killing properties, they've since been replaced by much more effective and safer drugs.” While grudgingly admitting some benefit of silver, they always overstate the positive aspects of “patented” drug use. One can only wonder where these safer and more effective drugs are. The popular antibiotic erythromycin reportedly causes six deaths for every 10,000 people taking it in conjunction with other drugs and this is only the tip of the iceberg.

Just remember, there is often an agenda associated with stories that are regularly “planted” in the mainstream media about “colloidal silver” and other alternative healthcare products. That ultimate agenda is to bring all “healthcare” under the regulatory authority of “government” agencies such as the FDA and sooner than later under the authority of CODEX (, which is simply a giant step into the integration of our society into the advancing International Federalist Governance (The Novus Ordo Seclorum).

Here is side note that I will elaborate on in a later article:
Believe it or not, the USFDA has no regulatory authority over the manufacture or sale of any food, supplement or over any drug for that matter in my opinion. It may only regulate interstate commerce, which is only the transportation and shipment between any state or territory and within the District of Columbia or within any other territory not organized with a legislative body. Read the Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act that brought this “out of control” agency into existence in 1938. I will post it later on our website, because you must read the original act to get most of the correct language. In recent government postings, certain key phrases are deliberately left out so that we will forget what they were originally intended to do and to mean.

Further proof that the FDA has a very narrow and limited authority as do all “federal” agencies can be found in the 18th and 21st Amendments to the Constitution, where alcohol was initially “outlawed” and then later was purported to have been “re-legalized”. In fact, what was done with the 21th Amendment was to bring the 18th Amendment “the alcohol prohibition amendment” back into compliance with the Constitution. The 18th Amendment had overstepped the boundaries of the federal government regulatory authority; the 21st corrected that Constitutional violation. I will detail this in a later editorial/opinion piece that will give you some insight into the truth about many of our so-called laws used by Federal agencies to treat us as mere cattle/animals and beat us into submission.

We must all be independent-thinking Men and Women and not allow ourselves to be controlled, coerced, and manipulated by forces that have hidden agendas for our lives. Our lives belong to us, not to the government and not to the mega-corporations. We all (you and I) have certain God-given unalienable Rights, including, but not limited to, the Right to determine how to best care for our health, without restriction, but if don’t make the decision to keep it regardless of the consequences, we will lose that Right along with all other Rights of self determination.

Read a related article called "Colloidal Silver Has Mainstream Medicine Singing the Blues", by Silver Bulletin contributing health author Tony Isaacs
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Man turns blue from colloidal silver

Postby spencer jones » Sun Jan 20, 2008 2:36 am

Several things about this news story that strike me as odd right off the bat:

First of all, the man is really blue. I mean really blue. When people contract argyria (i.e., skin graying) from ingesting excessive amounts of colloidal silver over long periods of time, they usually turn grey, not blue. That’s because the excessive silver buildup in their body has worked its way to the skin (the human body’s largest organ of elimination), and when the sun strikes the skin it tarnishes the large number of silver particles lodged there, turning the skin slate grey.

It is quite possible this man actually has a heart disease resulting in cyanosis (skin bluing from oxygen deficiency in the blood). Nevertheless, he says his condition is the result of taking colloidal silver for the past 14 years, so we have to take his word for it.

As I have been warning for the past 12 years, drinking excessive amounts of colloidal silver on a daily basis for long periods of time will indeed result in argyria for many people, particularly those with poor kidney and liver function. That’s because the excessive daily intake of silver particles is more than their kidneys and liver can expel at any one time. This can result in a residual buildup of the silver particles in the body’s tissues each time a person drinks more silver than their excretory organs can expel. Eventually, over time, the body tries to push this residual buildup of silver from the tissues out toward the skin, at which point the skin turns grey upon exposure to sunlight.

Also, the news story doesn’t tell us how much colloidal silver this man was taking daily. This is a typical ploy of the corporate news media. They want you to believe that any amount of colloidal silver is potentially dangerous, when that is in reality the farthest thing from the truth. But to create the illusion, they don’t bother to tell you how much colloidal silver was taken each day for those 14 years, even though that is the most critical factor in the story! As one experienced colloidal silver user stated in a blog regarding this news video, “This idiot would had to have drank Colloidal Silver by the gallon to have that happen to him!” While we disavow the name-calling, the point is well taken. You have to try real hard to discolor your skin by drinking colloidal silver. It is actually easier to turn your skin orange from drinking too much carrot juice than it is to turn your skin gray (or blue) from drinking colloidal silver.

Finally, this gentleman’s contention that his skin turned blue from rubbing colloidal silver on it, rather than from drinking it, is…well…rubbish. If the colloidal silver actually did cause his condition, then it was from drinking it in excessive quantities over long periods of time. If he rubbed anything on his skin and turned it blue, I can assure you it was not colloidal silver. This man is apparently blue nearly from head to toe. It is highly unlikely he was rubbing colloidal silver all over his body. And even if he was, it would not have turned him into a Smurf.

Also I would be extremely remiss if I did not point out one more vital fact in regards to this news video: Out of the estimated seven to 10 million regular colloidal silver users in the United States alone, this is only the second or third person the news media have been able to find in the last 20 years (to my knowledge, anyway) who has “turned blue.” The news media claimed a man turned blue from taking colloidal silver back in 2002, but that story turned out to be highly exaggerated.

At any rate, I still find it absolutely amazing that the news media will find two or three people who get this benign but unsightly skin condition out of the literally millions of regular colloidal silver users in the U.S. and Canada, and then broadcast it from the rooftops as if it were the norm. But they won't mention the astonishing 2.2 million people who suffer serious and quite often life-threatening adverse reactions from prescription drug use every single year, or the 100,000 Americans KILLED each year from prescription drug use, which is 30 times more than all of the U.S. troops killed in the Iraq war! Let’s see now: two or three people turning blue in 20 years from excessive colloidal silver usage, versus 100,000 people a year being flat-out put into their graves by common drugs their doctors prescribed them. Which is more newsworthy? I’ll leave that up to you to decide.

This man’s case is obviously an extremely rare one. But it is a good example of what we have been saying for years: In much the same way you wouldn’t eat a half a bottle of vitamins a day unless you want to endure some potentially nasty side effects over time, you also can’t take excessive amounts of colloidal silver daily without eventually provoking a nasty side effect called argyria. Most people are intelligent enough not to take the kind of huge daily dosages that would be necessary to stain your skin like this man has apparently done over the course of the past 14 years. But there are still many web sites out there that claim colloidal silver has “no side effects whatsoever” and that you can “drink all you want with no risk.” Those are blatantly untrue statements. And we have been sounding the alarm against such statements for years.

Again, just as you can’t take all of the vitamins you want every day without risk, so you can’t drink all of the colloidal silver you want each day without risk. If you take excessive quantities of colloidal silver daily for long periods of time, you do indeed risk contracting argyria (i.e., skin graying). It is not a guarantee you will become argyric. But it is a very real risk. The key to avoiding side effects from colloidal silver, or from any other natural supplement for that matter, is the same one your mother taught you when you were a little child: “Don’t overdo it; use MODERATION in all things.” If an ounce of colloidal silver a day works good for you, then for goodness sakes don’t start thinking that maybe 16 ounces a day will be even better. It is that “more must be even better” mentality that ultimately produces these rare cases of side effects which the news media in turns capitalizes on in order to scare people away from using this otherwise safe and powerfully effective all-natural infection-fighting agent and immune system booster, which has been used by tens of millions of people worldwide since it was first invented in the late 1800’s shortly after Edison harnessed electricity.

Regards and good health!
S. Jones

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