The America of Tomorrow?

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The America of Tomorrow?

Postby utopiasi » Sat Jan 12, 2008 11:53 am

By Ben Taylor

If anyone wonders what the America of tomorrow will be like, we need only look at the third world with its poverty, pollution, hunger and disease, … but it doesn’t have to happen that way. America, the land of “opportunity” is racing toward being overwhelmed by third world immigrants who generally are less concerned with assimilation into mainstream “American culture” than most immigrants of the past. Increasingly people on America’s streets are less able to speak our nation’s language, English, and often practice a self imposed segregation so that they will not become “tainted” by America. In many ways, I can understand, with some of the decadence that exists in America, …but that is not my America. There is still an America with the traditional values of family, hard work, honesty, reverence of God, and the belief that our lives and our Rights are granted by God.

This massive invasion of people into America, desiring not to assimilate into America, is drastically changing the character of America in ways that may not be for the good. After all, most of these people, whether they admit or realize it or not, are trying to escape their own culture. They are looking for better economic opportunities and a place for their families that is safer and healthier than the place they ran from. What they and almost everyone else ignores or doesn’t understand is that poverty, pollution, and disease is usually not a matter of geography. It is one of culture above all else. If you take a culture that breeds disease and economic failure and transplant it to another geographical area, little will change.

Destruction may even be done to the country you are running to if this basic fact is not understood and not taught. Part of the problem in America is that our political and education system, which is some of the biggest beneficiaries of American culture, have ceased to see America as basically good. How can we educate immigrants to the truth of American culture if so many of us erroneously think that all cultures are of equal value? It is so easy to prove that point, but it is politically incorrect to say it, much less teach it.

The bottom line is, we are headed toward more problems than any nation or civilization can handle if we don’t get our heads out of the politically correct clouds. Any problem and issue one can imagine about over population will be there for our children and grandchildren to deal with. One of the biggest issues facing us now is the growing public debt from these immigrants who are taxing the medical capabilities in almost every community. (Read this week’s immigration articles.)

There are also potential environmental disasters coming that no one ever mentions. Does anyone with environmental concerns ever consider where we will be with a population of 600, 700 or 800 million people? Issues of pollution and public health will be overwhelming. If you want to see America of 2030, look at India or China of the past 50 years.

If we do not put a stop to immigration that turns a blind eye to cultural assimilation and the issues of over population, there will be no “land of opportunity” for anyone to immigrate to. If any immigrant does not want to wholeheartedly become an American, then they should stay in the place where their culture of choice is the dominate one. If I do not want to become Ukrainian, I will not move to the Ukraine, if I do not want to become British, I will not move to England. Whether it be the healthcare debt burden or over population, it ain’t complicated folks; the math is very simple.
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