Beware the Dangerous Cherries Drug

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Beware the Dangerous Cherries Drug

Postby utopiasi » Sat Jan 12, 2008 10:14 am

By Ben Taylor

Cherry farmers have been denied their God-given and Constitutionally secured Right to freedom of speech to simply speak the truth about the health benefits of their produce. The clear implication is, if you are selling a food that has any health benefit, you must not speak that truth in a public forum. It does not matter how much scientific research has been done or that it may be a historically accepted fact, if you dare utter such words, ordinary fruit will micraculously become a "drug".

What happens next is even more unbelievable. The illusionists and other gangsters at the FDA then claim since your cherries are now "drugs", the FDA has regulatory authority over them and therefore you must be licensed to sell these drugs. If you do not obtain a license to sell this "new drug", jack-booted thugs working for this federal corporation agency may then steal your produce and your business in order to protect the public from these dangerous "drugs". The catch 22 is, even if it were an honest and just system, the licensing process for "new drugs" is generally so expensive that few if any small companies or farmers can ever afford to engage this process. The real reason for this insanity is very simple and very clear. What we are witnessing is a corrupt and disingenuous system designed primarily to protect the interests of the pharmaceutical industry; not to protect the health of the "public". Read Related Article
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