Pharma-Industrial Complex and Healthcare Tyranny

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Pharma-Industrial Complex and Healthcare Tyranny

Postby utopiasi » Sat Jan 12, 2008 10:12 am

By Ben Taylor

Diets and dietary supplements that are well recognized worldwide, particularly in Europe, as having substantial health benefit are often ignored or given little attention in by mainstream medicine in the United States of America. Is it a matter of public health concerns, ignorance or simply a matter of greed? Although the truth is obvious, that is probably a question that can be best answered at the highest echelons of America's medical establishment, the boardrooms of the pharma-industrial complex and within the backrooms of the United States Food and Drug Administration.

It's almost as if research and knowledge in healthcare is being communicated by indecipherable hieroglyphics sent via pony express and slow steamboat from other parts of the world. What gives here? Does the American medical system not have the capability of receiving and evaluating research from around the world in a timely fashion? In fact, much of this research is and has been performed in this country, but because of a Cosa Nostra-like control by special interest groups within America's medical establishment and “government”, it often stays buried from the light of day.

The bigger problem here is not the ignorance of truth demonstrated by history and verified by modern scientific research by those choosing to be ignorant at their own detriment, but the imposition of this dark ages mentality on everyone else with the force of “government”. Is it possible that the primary reason for this seeming insanity is that it may hurt the sale of high priced patented drugs that as often as not simply treat symptoms rather than the cause of disease? Has the world’s reputed bastion of freedom become a Tyranny ruled with an iron fist by special interests that have so corrupted government agencies that even truthful information is stifled?

What kind of freedom is there if speaking the truth about non-“government” approved health benefits of food and/or supplements becomes a crime against the state? Has the ringing of the freedom bell finally been cracked into silence in the very nation that showed the world that man’s tyranny over other men is contrary to God’s Law? If we do not have the freedom to speak, not only our opinions, but simple truth, then what freedoms are truly left to do anything? It is high time that the U. S. Congress exercise its’ authority and investigate the travesties taking place in corporate and governmental America. Read Related Article
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