Healthcare Freedom Hero

Healthcare Freedom Hero

Healthcare Freedom Hero

Postby utopiasi » Sun Oct 28, 2007 2:16 pm

I generally stay away from politics, as I distain wallowing in the sewer, but I would ask all who truly care whether or not our American Republic survives the assault by the minions of Evil who would steal all our God-given Rights, to take a look at the candidacy of Dr. Ron Paul. He is the only candidate of either of the two major parties who believes in our Constitutional Republic as inspired by God and established by "the Founding Fathers" and is being largely ignored by the media. He wins every debate in the "after debate" polls but is treated as if he is "The Invisible Man" by the talking heads on television, as well as his own Party.

Dr. Paul has been at the forefront of trying to curtail the unlawful actions of the FDA, which is nothing more than an extension of the pharma-industrial complex that has gained almost total control of America's healthcare system and is intent upon seeing that all alternative healthcare choices are stripped from the American people. If you care about the freedom to choose how to care for our own health, go to To see a story on the recent Michigan Debate, go to,
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like Dr Ron Paul

Postby victoryAG » Thu Nov 26, 2009 7:50 pm

hello all
I am new in forum
not know English and use google translator :wink:

I live in Brazil but have watched videos of Dr. Ron Paul and I enjoyed

in Brazil we have many corrupt politicians ....

Brazil is not written with Z is in S, always thought that was funny

I like to write but I have limitations due to language :lol:

like Dr Ron Paul ..... :D

I wish peace to all :)
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