The Importance of Minerals to Good Health and Longevity

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The Importance of Minerals to Good Health and Longevity

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Dr Linus Pauling, two times Nobel Laureate, said "one could trace every disease and every ailment to a mineral deficiency." Approximately 99% of the human body is comprised of minerals, yet minerals are generally overlooked when nutrition is considered. It is well known that the human body requires at least 60 minerals in order to maintain a disease and ailment free state. If this information is indeed true, it's easy to understand why sickness is so prevalent throughout the world, even in technologically advanced countries. The body can utilize minerals without vitamins, but vitamins and most other nutrients are basically useless in the absence of minerals.

Foods we raise or purchase in markets today, seldom contain more than 16 to 18 minerals. Our mineral supplement contains at least 75 plant derived minerals. This small number of minerals in plants is because of a mineral deficiency of the food producing soils around the world. This is caused by thousands of years of wind and rain erosion and unwise farming practices. Except for nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, the agriculture industry doesn’t replenish minerals depleted from the soils. Ironically, these three are the primary ones required to grow beautiful plants and produce, but do not provide all that our bodies require. Human bodies, like plants may grow and look beautiful for a limited time, but without providing the necessary cellular building blocks, they can neither obtain, nor maintain, good health. It is not only our personal experience, but our conclusion from extensive research, that without supplementation, it is not likely that we can eat enough food to get the full range of essential trace minerals required to obtain optimum health and longevity.

Once we understand the truth of the preceding information, it only makes sense that we find an alternate source for these essential trace minerals other than from food plants raised in these depleted soils. The best source is Plant Derived Mineral supplements. These minerals are leached from prehistoric plants, preserved in humic shale strata, which contain the same kind of hydrophilic minerals that should be found in fruits and vegetables today. These plants lived at a time when the richness of soil and plants were able to support plants and animals of tremendous size. This mineral source contains the potency of prehistoric plants. These minerals are pre-digested by plants, which permits your body to absorb up to 100% of the minerals. Metallic minerals obtained from sea bed, soil, or ground up rocks are not broken down by plants, which limits the absorption rate to 15% or less. By supplementing with these "plant derived minerals", you receive maximum mineral benefit, as well as saving money. With rock minerals, you are literally throwing away 85 cents on every dollar you spend.
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