Dangerous Personal Care Products - My Story, Please Read

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Dangerous Personal Care Products - My Story, Please Read

Postby H. B. » Wed Jul 23, 2008 12:35 pm

I just wanted to let Utopia Silver know how much I appreciated seeing your article (July 2008) about the dangers lurking in commercial shampoos, cosmetics, toiletries etc. I gave up all commerical shampoo, cosmetics, deodorants and toiletries awhile back, and now use only natural, chemical-free products.
I try to tell everyone I can about what happened to me, but I'm not sure how many people really believe me.

My awakening to these dangers happened about two years ago when I started using a well-known skin bleaching cream. I had used it for maybe 2 weeks at the most, when my hair began falling out! I was an otherwise healthy 35-year old, and nothing like this had happened before. I was really upset, but made myself logically review if there was anything new I had come in contact with. The only new item was the bleaching cream. It turned out one of its main ingredients was methylparaben! Methylparaben is an FDA-approved chemical that is used as a preservative in many, many cosmetics. Not well-known however, is that it is also a major xenoestrogen. My estrogen level was so elevated by this cream I was losing my hair. After I discontinued use of the product, the problem stopped.

I have also had trouble with breast cysts. These started when I was 34. My doctor advised I give up coffee and all caffeine. This helped, but I still kept getting cysts. In my search for relief, I learned that other things can elevate a woman's estrogen levels - laundry detergent (the residue dissolves into your skin when you wear your clothes; I now use only baking soda - works great!), also there are dangerous chemicals found in shampoo, hair coloring, conditioner, lipstick, foundation, moisturizing creams, lotions - the list is endless. This is the reason I have given up almost all commercially produced personal care products. Shopping is a label-reading ordeal, but is worth it. I order some things online.
(Sidenote: Be careful buying milk. If you can't be sure your milk comes from hormone-free cows, don't drink it. I also gave up milk & cheese, but can now have hormone-free varieties. [Notice how Kraft is now offering hormone-free cheese?] Beware of meats too! These items can have estrogen-like chemicals in them from the hormone-injected animals).

I am now doing lots better. My personal opinion is that most women don't know that the things they love to beautify themselves with could be killing them! Elevated estrogen levels produce breast cysts, yes. But left out of control, high estrogen levels are linked to breast cancer! What we are eating, wearing and dowsing ourselves in could kill us...
I hope this information will start a conversation with you and your family & friends tonight!
H. B.
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