Foods That Calm Anxiety and Fight Cancer

April 20, 2017

( Laura Bond: So many links between foods you need to boost your mood, feel better about yourself, lower anxiety—these same foods are also anti-cancer. And so I know in your last series you had that great quote from Keith Scott-Mumby. I think he said that, “Any good health measure is an anti-cancer measure,” which I love. I really liked that.

And I’m finding that more and more that a lot of the anti-cancer measures are anti-anxiety measures. So things like celery. We know that celery stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system, which is that calming part of the nervous system. So you know, a perfect snack is a bit of celery with some peanut butter or nut butter, make it a bit more tasty.

And the reason it does that, is because it contains this plant hormone called apigenin. And apigenin is powerfully anti-cancer. And anyone can Google apigenin and it will come up with a load of scientific references. And then the other thing, which I often recommend food-wise for people with stress is foods with B-6. CONTINUE READING–>


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