Fight Ebola Naturally

by Tony Isaacs

(SilverBulletin) Expert opinions are divided on the likelihood of Ebola ever reaching the US, ranging from trying to assure us that it is next to impossible to saying that it is inevitable. Nothing is impossible – including the nightmare scenario of Ebola mutating to an airborne form – and however likely or unlikely it may be, the best plan is to be prepared to fight Ebola naturally just in case.

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Following is information on measures to take in case you are exposed to Ebola.

Build a strong immune system

Nature’s first line of natural defense against pathogens and illness is our immune system – and it is notable that the most successful experimental treatments for Ebola thus far have been ones which boost the immune system. The first steps in building a strong immune system are a healthy diet and optimal nutrition along with regular physical activity. In addition, nature offers several powerful options for supercharging your immune system.

The most potent immune booster of all is properly prepared oleander extract, which was found to have six times the immune stimulating activity of the most potent patented immune stimulators in European studies in 1986-87. Note that raw oleander is quite toxic; however, thanks to Naturopathic PhD Marc Swanepoel safe oleander extract from a WHO approved facility in South Africa can be obtained online from at least two sources. You can also make your own safe and effective extract at home. See:

Other powerful natural immune boosters are:

• Medicinal mushrooms
• Beta glucans
• Glutathione
• Pau d’arco
• Suma
• Astragalus
• Echinacea
• Aloe vera
• Lactoferrin
• Bovine colostrums
• Mangosteen

The sooner you begin taking natural immune boosters and eating and living healthily the stronger your immune system will become in advance of any possible viral outbreak.

astract render of an ebola virus in human blood

astract render of an ebola virus in human blood

Vitamin D is a powerful immune booster as well as a natural pathogen destroyer. It increases the body’s production of a class of proteins called antimicrobial peptides. The 200 known antimicrobial peptides directly and rapidly destroy the cell walls of bacteria, fungi, and viruses and play a key role in keeping the lungs free of infection.

The best form, by far, of Vitamin D is naturally occurring Vitamin D3, which is produced by sun exposure on the skin. A single, twenty-minute, full body exposure to summer sun will trigger the delivery of 20,000 units of vitamin D3 into the circulation of most people within 48 hours. When you’re unable to get daily sunshine, supplement with at least 2000 mg of Vitamin D3 daily.

Be sure to have plenty of strong natural anti-virals on hand. First on your list should be colloidal silver – the strongest pathogen destroyer on the planet. Colloidal silver is able to beat practically every pathogen known to man. If you believe you have come in contact with Ebola, take several ounces daily!

Other powerful natural anti-virals are:

• Olive leaf extract
• Oil of wild mountain oregano
• Goldenseal
• Elderberry
• Garlic

Eliminate and avoid items which weaken the immune system

Things you avoid and eliminate can be just as important as the good things you do and consume. For example: processed foods, mainstream medicines and other toxic items such as household chemicals. Such items create an open invitation to disease.

In addition to cleanses and detoxes, a recent study found that eating an organic diet for just one week can eliminate up to 90% of the pesticides (and likely other toxins in your body as well).

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Tony Isaacs is a natural health advocate and researcher and the author of books and articles about natural health including Cancer’s Natural Enemy. Mr. Isaacs articles are featured at Natural News, the New Zealand Journal of Natural Health, Live Pain Free Magazine, The Silver Bulletin e-Magazine, the Health Science Institute’s Healthiertalk, CureZone, the Crusador, Health Secrets, the Cancer Tutor, the American Chronicle and several other venues. Mr. Isaacs also has The Best Years in Life website for baby boomers and others wishing to avoid prescription medicines and mainstream managed illness and live longer, healthier and happier lives naturally.

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