What is the FDA’s definition of “colloidal silver” and why do they claim concern about it’s usage?


by Ben Taylor

(UtopiaSilver.com) The FDA’s definition for colloidal silver found in one of their “Talk Papers” is: “a suspension of silver particles in a colloidal (gelatinous) base”. This can be found at: http://www.fda.gov/bbs/topics/ANSWERS/ANS00971.html. The FDA truthfully, in this case, claims that the indiscriminate use of these kinds of gelatinous based “colloidal silver” solutions has resulted in cases of Argyria. Evidence indicates that the known cases of Argyria have all been caused by these gelatinous based silver ingredients and/or silver salts that include silver proteins, mild silver protein, strong silver protein, silver chloride, and silver iodide. When the word “include” is used, that means that anything not on the list is excluded from the list.

These gelatinous products do not describe the colloidal products sold by Utopia Silver Supplements. Ours is best described by us using a chemistry definition of a system in which finely divided silver particles are dispersed within a continuous de-ionized water medium in a manner that prevents the silver from being easily filtered or rapidly settled. As noted above, the USFDA on their website defines colloidal silver as: “a suspension of silver particles in a colloidal (gelatinous) base”. Our Advanced Colloidal Silver and Colloidal Gold contain no gelatins, no proteins, no chlorides, no iodides and no nitrates; they are mineral and distilled water only.

I think most of us are beginning to learn, if we haven’t already, that even American government is no longer a protector of the Rights, Lives, and Property of the People, but rather a complex Mafia-like collection of quasi-government agencies that do the bidding of global interests. In light of this disturbing truth, we must understand that their concern is only “claimed” and not real. Therefore, their true concern is in the protection of the international pharmaceutical industry and their very lucrative anti-biotic market.

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