If silver is such a potent anti-microbial agent, why isn’t it used by mainstream medicine to treat people with illnesses for which there may be no other help?


by Ben Taylor

(UtopiaSilver.com) There is a mindset within the “medical establishment” that believes that no method or product is valid unless it has gone through their filter of approval. Some of this comes from an inherent academic and intellectual arrogance that often pervades any field or professional in which a higher level of education is required. But the primary reason is that the medical education system, as well as the lion’s share of research, is funded by companies and organizations that have a vested interest in ensuring that only more profitable patentable medicines/medicines are approved. Products such as silver and water are probably not patentable and would not be as profitable. This same establishment almost never gives “alternative and/or natural” remedies any scientific study or research to truly determine if they can work or not. I also question whether or not this system truly wants to cure anything; there is more profit in the long term treatment of a disease than there is in curing a disease. An indication of this is the fact that most mainstream products temporarily treat symptoms rather than curing the underlying causes of disease. Notwithstanding diseases caused by micro-organisms, I believe that most of the ailments of man and animal are generally triggered by mineral deficiencies. These deficiencies can also cause us to have a lower resistance to microbes.

Colloidal Silver Kills Pathogens

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