How is silver able to inhibit the growth of one celled micro organisms?


by Ben Taylor

( How is silver able to inhibit the growth of one celled micro organisms? According to Beiersdorf AG (former owner of Curad) and other researchers, silver inhibits the growth of one-celled organisms by deactivating the organism’s oxygen metabolism enzymes. This action in turn, destroys the organism’s cell membranes, stopping the replication of the organism’s DNA. This is a completely natural reaction to silver by these organisms and is not chemically manipulated by man. Interestingly, although silver kills single-celled organisms, it does no harm to multi-celled organisms.

“The Use of Colloids in Health and Disease”

There is also some interesting research with silver prior to the advent of patented anti-biotics. A good example that is available on the Internet is “The Use of Colloids in Health and Disease” by Alfred B. Searle, the founder of Searle Pharmaceuticals (now known as Monsanto). Although this book is dated in some respects, it demonstrates the research that had already been done as well as that which was ongoing in the area of “colloidal silver” before more lucrative patented concoctions (medicines) replaced it in the marketplace. This book cites research done by numerous scientists and documents their findings demonstrating the germicidal properties of silver.

Biological Warfare and Terrorism

One of the most widely publicized concerns today relating to biological warfare and terrorism is the fact that microbes have mutated and become resistant so that “patented” antibiotics may often be rendered ineffective. On the other hand, research and evidence indicates that one-celled organisms do not have an intrinsic resistance to, nor can they through mutation or natural selection, acquire a resistance to silver’s anti-microbial actions. Again, this is why silver has historically been one of man’s most reliable tools in supporting the immune system against various maladies, even before he knew what caused these maladies.

Use Silver Instead of Dangerous Antibiotics

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