Can colloidal silver cause one to feel ill?


by Ben Taylor

( When first starting silver supplementation, one may experience a minor “crisis” of not feeling well, similar to a Jarisch-Herxheimer reaction. When toxins accumulate in the blood stream from terminated micro-organisms, it may cause one to feel mildly ill and sometimes feverish. A die-off of bacteria in the colon may also result in some initial diarrhea, but the use of smaller servings to start with may be a more comfortable way to pass through this temporary discomfort. Higher water consumption away from your colloidal silver intake, may also lessen the duration of this discomfort, which generally goes away within hours or a day or two.

Anyone using more than the suggested serving of Advanced Colloidal Silver should supplement with probiotics or live culture yogurt a couple of hours after consuming colloidal silver. This will replenish the “good bacteria” and assist in reinforcing and maintaining optimum food digestion.

 Colloidal Silver Misinformation

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