Can colloidal silver cause Argyria?


by Ben Taylor

( It is possible that some, saline, nitrate, and gelatinous “colloidal silver” products, with prolonged heavy use, could cause Argyria. The only negative association made to silver supplementation is this condition, a rare phenomenon where silver accumulates in the tissue under the skin causing a blue or grayish tint. Even then, the effects aren’t life threatening; just cosmetically altering and unappealing.

There are deliberately exaggerated and misleading claims against colloidal silver products in general designed to scare people away from this safe, economical, and effective product. An FDA “Talk Paper” references silver ingredients and silver salts that include silver proteins, mild silver protein, strong silver protein, silver chloride, and silver iodide. They correctly claim that the use of these “gelatinous” silver solutions have resulted in cases of Argyria. We too believe that these gelatinous/protein, saline, and nitrate based products may be conducive to developing Argyria.

The cosmetic condition Argyria is an extremely rare phenomenon where silver accumulates in the tissue under the skin causing a blue or grayish tint. Even then, it isn’t life threatening and there are very few cases repeatedly cited in the anti-silver propaganda. One is a lady who presumably developed Argyria in the 1950s from taking large amounts of silver nitrate (not silver in de-ionized water) over a long period of time. The second and third examples cited are two men who reportedly consumed large quantities for a prolonged time of a product they made in a salt solution. I know of many people who have supplemented with silver in de-ionized water for years using many times the suggested serving, including myself, with no hint of any ill effects, much less blue skin. The only noticeable effect for me has been that my cold and viruses are far and few between and when I do get a “bug” it is generally mild compared to those around me not taking silver.

The biggest problem with the FDA information is that they ignore the fact that not all silver products (including Utopia Silver) are gelatinous based and comprised of very high ppms. When colloidal silver is produced in a gelatinous base, it is because the silver particles are too large to stay in solution and would fall out if they were in water. The gelatin helps to keep the large silver particles suspended. These products as a rule generally contain a very high ppm content of silver in order to be effective. Our products are low ppm, but are just as effective or more because of their smaller particle size. Advanced Colloidal Silver is not a salt, iodide, nitrate, protein, or gelatinous based product. Advanced Colloidal Silver is simply trace mineral and distilled water.

The Truth and Colloidal Silver

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