Are colloidal silver products containing gelatins/proteins, salts, or nitrates effective?


by Ben Taylor

( Any product containing silver is probably effective, but if it is comprised of ingredients such as salts, nitrates, iodides, proteins or gelatinous bases, it may be conducive to causing the condition Argyria and in our opinion should be avoided.

When a product contains gelatin or protein, it is because the silver particle size is too large to stay in suspension. For example if you drop a handful of bbs into a glass of water, they will sink to the bottom, but if you drop a handful of bbs into a glass of jell-o, they will stay suspended. The principal is the same. The thicker gelatinous/protein solution allows the large particles to stay in suspension.

Also notice that these gelatinous products have a generally very high parts per million (ppm), which is required to be effective because less particles are able to get down to the cellular level. The greatest concern is that the high ppms combined with the gelatin or protein solution exponentially increases the possibility that silver accumulation under the skin may occur, resulting in rare instances in Argyria.

Smaller particle silver in distilled water, such as our Advanced Colloidal Silver, is just as effective in very low ppms as the other products are in high ppms. Silver easily stays suspended in water with Advanced Colloidal Silver because of the significantly smaller particles. Therefore, because of the smaller particles, low ppm, and no gelatin or protein, there is almost no risk of sub-dermal accumulation with Advanced Colloidal Silver.

The Truth and Colloidal Silver

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