March 22, 2020; by Ben Taylor ( Does getting chilled prevent a cold or virus? I have an idea, “let’s all stand outside (or go skiing) with no clothes on, in the rain, on a cold day so that we won’t catch the corona-virus. There’s a myth or more likely an outright intentional lie going around for some strange reason. That lie is that if you keep the indoor temperature as cold as possible, the chances of getting a virus are reduced. This is pure BS and anyone over 50 should know that.

I like hot weather better-otherwise I wouldn’t live in Texas, but I’ve never been one to get cold easily. I spent 7 winters as a construction inspector building pipeline metering and compressor stations with Enron north of Kansas, in Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Colorado, Wyoming, etc. I seldom wore more than a T-shirt with a flannel hoodie and a Wrangler jacket. But there is one thing everyone knew and took care not to do. That was to never get overly chilled, because if you did, the chances of catching a cold were significantly enhanced. Our construction contractors sometimes had several hundred men working in very harsh elements- rain, ice, snow, and the always present cold. The number one safeguard for keeping crews from being inundated with colds and influenza was to instruct them to dress so that they would never get chilled.

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Yesterday I went to several large corporate stores to restock on some things. I was immediately shocked to find that those stores were so cold that I was wishing I had wore a flannel hoodie and a jacket. I shop these stores all the time in all kinds of weather-winter and summer, and have never needed anything more than a T shirt to be comfortable. I made a point of asking store employees stocking store shelves (themselves wearing jackets) why it was so cold. They nodded in agreement that it was too cold, but told me that cooling and heating temperatures were not controlled within their stores, but electronically by corporate headquarters.

Last week I heard people complaining about their churches being instructed to keep their temperatures cold to reduce the chances of their parishioners from getting the corona-virus. That is absolute and total nonsense. Why do you think it is called “catching a cold” rather than “catching a hot”? It is plainly and simply a fact than almost all colds and influenzas are caught during times of cold weather- not hot weather.

When kids used to go outside to play in all kinds of weather, parents would be sure they were bundled up to stay warm and keep from catching a “COLD”. We were told, “don’t  go outside in your shirt sleeves, put your jacket on so you don’t catch your death of cold”. My parents and grandparents wouldn’t allow us to sleep under an A/C because we might catch a cold.

Our body’s number one mechanism when we’re catching a cold or a virus is to stop up the sinuses and raise the body temperature to kill the growing colony of germs. Most cold and flu germs start in the sinuses. Heat kills germs and reduces their ability to proliferate; cold does the opposite. Don’t listen to this nonsensical new-found wisdom that foolishly encourages more exposure to cold in order to kill a cold. Simply ask yourself and whoever is encouraging you to get chilled, when do almost all colds and flu cases occur? Is it winter or summer?

If you really want to boost your immune system from catching every bug that comes around, simply consume more Vitamin C and stay out of cold environments. Eat lots of citrus fruits, peppers, green vegetables, Brussels sprouts, strawberries, papaya, pineapples, kiwi, etc, or take at least 1,000-5,000mg of Vitamin C per day in supplement form. If you’re actually fighting a cold or influenza OR corona-virus, you may need 10,000-20,000 for a short period of time along with a colloidal silver supplement.

I won’t even speculate as to why this dangerous foolishness is coming down from corporate businesses and churches. We probably wouldn’t want to know the answer that question.

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