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Diabetes is a disorder caused by nutritional deficiency and a bad diet, resulting in a problem with the pancreatic hormone insulin. Insulin controls the amount of glucose in the blood and the rate that it is absorbed. Your cells need glucose to produce energy. In people with this disease, glucose or sugar builds up in their blood stream instead of being used by the cells to produce energy. Diabetes is characterized by abnormally elevated blood glucose and by the excretion of the excess glucose in the urine. The build up of glucose in your blood steam is called hyperglycemia. Diabetes can lead to damaged blood vessels, which can cause a number of problems such as: heart disease, eye diseases, and nerve damage in the limbs and internal organs, kidney disease; infections of the mouth, gums, lungs, skin, feet, bladder, and the genital area.

To heal Diabetes permanently, one must change their diet and lifestyle in general, as well as being sure of getting the proper minerals and supplements. There are some very good videos on You Tube about treating diabetes. Reverse Diabetes – Raw Foods Diet Simply Raw Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days

As with all health issues, there is seldom just one magic bullet to heal a disease, but all of the following minerals and supplements are either essential or can be helpful in healing diabetes and are listed in the order of importance as we see it:

Chromium GTF– essential in metabolizing sugar, starch, and carbohydrates. Suggested use: 400 mcg in the morning and another 400 mcg in the mid-afternoon.

Alpha Lipoic Acid– helps control blood sugar levels and reduces nerve damage from effects of diabetes. Suggested use: 100-600 mg per day with meals.

Garlic- stabilizes blood sugar levels and increases circulation. Cooking with fresh garlic is the most effective use.

Zinc Balance w/ Copper– a zinc deficiency usually accompanies Diabetes. 30 to 80 mg daily. Never exceed a total of 100 mg.

Magnesium AEP (Membrane Complex)-is essential for enzyme systems and ph balance. It protects against coronary artery spasm and increases energy levels. Low magnesium is often found in people with diabetes.

Adrenal Stress End and ADRENergize– rebuilds the Adrenal Glands to boost energy levels.

5-HTP– rebuilds the Thyroid Gland which regulates the body metabolism.

Lugol’s Liquid Iodine & Selenium Synergy also essential in rebuilding and maintaining a healthy Thyroid Gland which regulates the body metabolism. Note: Iodine and selenium should be taken together as they are more efficiency absorbed together, just as is calcium & magnesium, zinc & copper, etc.

Cataplex B– broad spectrum of B vitamins improves the metabolism of glucose.

Enzyme Complex– taken with meals aids in digestion which is essential in management of diabetes. When taken in larger doses on an empty stomach morning and night reduces inflammation and increases arterial circulation.

CoQ10– (50-100 mg daily) improves circulation and aids in stabilizing blood sugar.

Cell Forte’ MAX 3 w/ IP-6 and Inositol– enhances circulation and aids in the prevention of atherosclerosis.

Vitamin C – (3,000 to 6000 mg daily) may slow or prevent complications that occur with diabetes.

Grape Seed Extract is a powerful antioxidant that also enhances the activity of Vitamin C and strengthens connective tissue, including that of the cardiovascular system.

(Most of these supplements are best taken with meals which will also reduce stomach upset.

Note: This healing protocol suggestion is not intended as a substitute for emergency treatment in the event you are in Diabetic shock.

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