Dear Gwyneth Paltrow, Keep on Preaching

May 26, 2017; Megan Heimer ( Dear Ms. Paltrow, Can I call you Gwyneth? Because after you read this we’ll definitely be friends.

You recently said that anyone who is “going to **ck with you, better bring their A-game.” I read a post from a physician recently, who … in the name of science and a poor 2-star health grade rating tried. She attacked your stance on toxins and cleansing because gasoline is good in more than small amounts and your adrenals won’t wear out, even if you run your life into the ground.

Gwyneth Paltrow
She made fun of your wellness website, because how dare anyone with a following preach healthy eating, food, and vitamins. She balked at the fact that a woman would want to wear tampons that haven’t been doused in chemicals, and lives the lie that thyroid disease “just happens” … like that involuntary spasm that occurs when face hits palm.

She flashed her medical credentials as she told her patients that bread and beer are good for that fungus living in their guts. She just forgot to mention that she learned literally nothing about nutrition, the gut microbiome, or how beer and bread feed candida in medical school.

Gut fungus? Shmeh. That can’t possibly be why a good percentage of the population is walking around feeling like total garbage. CONTINUE READING–>



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