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April 25, 2017; By Briana McDonald ( We’ve all heard the phrase “real beauty begins from within” but do we really know what it means? I believe it means several things. I believe a large piece of our beauty stems from who we are in our hearts and how we help others in our home and community. With a warm loving heart a woman can make a huge impact on those around her which can ripple out further than she ever imagined. Beauty is more than skin deep, this is for sure, but for this articles purposes let’s look at what happens with a woman’s (or mans) aging skin to better understand it’s needs for regeneration. Luckily, you can create healthy skin from within with keratin and bioactive collagen peptides and here’s why.

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Why Cosmetics Don’t Live Up to Promises

We’re all guilty at times of looking for an easy way out, the “Work smarter, not harder” type of mentality. We sweep things under the rug and shove things into closets when friends come over to keep from actually having to deep clean and we clutter our garages with years of junk that we for some reason or another can not part with and say “oh I’ll organize and get rid of stuff tomorrow”. When it comes to our bodies though, this type of behavior doesn’t benefit us in any way, for tomorrow is only another day of damage to our skin and structural proteins that we need for healthy skin and connective tissue. My point being, we cannot just slap on some cream and hope it solves all our skin problems.

The “cosmetic” changes we witness as part of the aging process (hair loss, dry and wrinkled skin and dull brittle nails) are simply reflective of an underlying more serious issue on the inside. As we age, our bodies produce less keratin and collagen which are key structural proteins that are essential to the health of the tissues that comprise hair, skin and nails.

Improved Skin Appearance + Healthier Hair with Keratin

Most women experience symptoms of aging because of a low supply of the vital nutrient Keratin. Most commercial forms of this nutrient are made from hooves, horns, and feathers. As a result, they lack biological activity in humans because they have been over processed during exposure to heat and other conditions.  Finding a good source that is more bioavailable to replace the keratin that is lost in the aging process is critical.  Lab studies have found that keratin stimulates skin cells to proliferate at a much faster rate, (up to 160% faster!) than they would without the protein, permitting cells to increase their own production of structural proteins.

The result of this increase is a thickness of the epidermis, and in simpler terms, less fine lines and depth of wrinkles. There was a randomized, double-blind, placebo controlled clinical trial done in 2013 to test the effectiveness of Keratin in improving skin health and appearance. Women between 40 and 71 years of age who already showed signs of aging skin took two capsules of keratin or a placebo daily for 90 days. Researchers determined that the supplement improved skin moisture, reduced wrinkle depth and improved skin elasticity. By 30 days, subjects had already achieved a statistically significant 13.3% increase in skin moisture and by day 60 a 22.2% increase and by day 90, up to a 30.4% increase! It’s important to note that the placebo group showed a decrease in skin moisture at these times.

Not only does Keratin help with our skin but studies have also shown that a 90 day supplementation of solubilized keratin (500mg each day) resulted in 30% reduction in hairs lost during washing and an increase in hair strength by 12%.

Bioactive Collagen Peptides Dramatically Improves Wrinkles

In addition, Collagen is another nutrient vital for healthy skin since it makes up 70% of the weight of the dermis, the inner layer of the skin and provides flexibility and supports elastin which is the protein that allows the skin to stretch and return to its original shape. As with many nutrients, when we age we experience a natural decline in Collagen and Keratin. Over time the cells that produce the collagen fibers begin to slow down and the remaining fibers break and begin to lose their shape. This slow deterioration leads to a wrinkled and sagging appearance. As a line of defense against this process scientist have created Bioactive Collagen Peptides which provide building blocks for collagen synthesis and stimulate the production of new collagen and elastin in the extracellular matrix of the skin which provides increased suppleness and elasticity. 1.

A double blind, placebo controlled study done in 2014 shows that women who took wither 2.5 or 5 grams of Bioactive Collagen Peptides per day for 8 weeks showed an amazing 20.1% decrease in wrinkles, a 1/5 reduction in the size of eye wrinkles!

Now that you know what your skin really needs to shine, you can create healthy skin from within with these key nutrients.



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